Comfort food recipes are some of my favorites to make, but who wants to spend all day in the kitchen to make them? Check out these easy dinner ideas for comfort foods.

Easy Dinner Ideas (Comfort Food Recipes)

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Comfort food recipes are some of my favorites to make, but who wants to spend all day in the kitchen to make them? Check out these easy dinner ideas for comfort foods.

When the weather gets cooler, making stick to your ribs meals is a natural thing we do. Warm food keeps you warm and it’s a comfort to us. I love making a big meal and using it several times, either leftover or frozen to take more of the work out for dinner another night.

Easy dinner ideas (comfort food recipes)

Check out these ideas for comfort food recipes to feed your family that won’t take all day to make. Easy dinner ideas for a busy weeknight.

Comfort food soups

I love a creamy thick soup like this cauliflower butternut squash soup. Nothing says comfort to me like soup. 

My daughter and I were working on recipes using what's in season in Oklahoma and I came up with this cauliflower butternut squash soup.

This instant pot chicken and wild rice soup only takes a few minutes to make with the speed of the instant pot. 

There’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup, but who has time to make it? With your instant pot, you can have chicken and wild rice soup in a few minutes

This ribbon pasta chicken noodle soup recipe is super easy to make. The flavor is honest to goodness chicken soup that will make you feel warm and cozy.

Instant Pot Lasagna Soup is crowd-pleasing comfort food. It has all the flavor of lasagna, without all the work! Or this full of pantry ingredients, easy Venison Stew is one of your best bets.

Creamy Gnocchi Soup is delicious, easy, and full of fresh flavors! This soup is perfect for a comforting dinner on a busy weeknight. 

Instant Pot Baked Potato Soup is incredibly creamy, hearty, and satisfying. Loaded with cheese, bacon, chives, LOADED baked potato soup will warm the cockles of your heart.

bowl of potato soup loaded with toppings on a cutting board with another bowl and a potato

Make the best tomato soup ever with the Instant Pot or electric pressure cooker! This recipe is fast and easy featuring umami-rich tomatoes made into a creamy soup.

Comfort food casseroles

You can make this pork tenderloin casserole right in your instant pot and it comes together in a snap! 

pork tenderloin casserole in a pretty bowl

Tuna casserole is a favorite for me, and this easy tuna casserole is not hard to make. 

I love it when I find a recipe combination that my daycare kids are crazy about. This tuna bake for kids is an easy dinner idea, can be made ahead, freezes great, and pleases a crowd.

This egg and vegetable casserole is so easy to make, even kids can do it. And it’s so hearty and good, it can even be a lunch or dinner. 

This slow cooker pot roast recipe is hearty with root vegetables to make a complete meal. AKA Busy Day Pot Roast.

This gluten-free no-boil vegetarian pasta bake is the perfect weeknight dinner! Simply mix uncooked pasta, sauce, cottage cheese, frozen broccoli, and nutritional yeast together, then bake for a high-protein, high-fiber dinner. Top with mozzarella to finish it off!

Cheesy lasagna bake comfort food casserole ith a spoon full being scooped up and oozing melty cheese.

Comfort food pastas

These homemade “hamburger helper” type meals are my go-to meals for the kid’s lunches. Because I can change the flavor with my mood and get them on the table in a few minutes while still watching 7 kids, they are my stand bys. And most kids LOVE pasta!

This kid’s recipe for lotsa pasta is always a hit with my family. Lots of veggies make it a healthy meal and it doesn’t take long to make. 

Ground Beef Stroganoff is a hearty and comforting 30-minute skillet meal. Egg noodles, mushrooms, and ground beef are coated in a creamy sauce and made in a single pan.

Whip up this quick & easy 30 Minute Taco Pasta Skillet for dinner. All your favorite Mexican flavors mixed with rotisserie chicken, tomatoes and pasta. And it’s made in just one pan for easy cleanup too!

These delicious bison meatballs are a healthier alternative to ground beef. Super quick and easy to make, they are ready to serve in less than half an hour and can be made ahead of time. Stir them into your favorite marinara sauce and serve over pasta for the most perfect comfort food.

These Philly cheesesteak stuffed pasta shells are a delicious and easy one-pot meal that comes together quickly and easily. Pasta shells are stuffed with seasoned ground beef, onions, and green pepper and baked in a creamy provolone cheese sauce.

Penne alla Vodka is one of the best tomato-based pasta dishes, this creamy homemade vodka sauce is made in just 15 minutes! Perfect for busy families, this recipe is totally weeknight friendly with little effort needed!

Are looking for any easy Chicken Alfredo recipe? This creamy chicken pasta is simple enough for a weekday meal but fancy enough for date night. Once you make this creamy pasta sauce you will want to serve it with everything!

Chicken alfredo spun on a pretty blue plate with a fork. Great comfort food plate.

Healthy comfort food

This taco soup recipe that is a favorite among my daycare kids is going to be a family favorite for you too. My daughter requests it every time she comes home for a visit. Not only does it only take a couple of minutes to throw in the crockpot, but it’s also super cheap to make too. If you use canned beans, it’s even less work!

This chicken tortilla soup is super easy right in the instant pot and you can even start with frozen chicken if you forget to thaw. It’s my very favorite soup and good for you too!

This Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup has rocked my world! Toss a package of FROZEN chicken breasts in the instant pot and have a meal in no time.

This beef and vegetable soup is so easy to make, even your kids can help. I love cooking with kids and this is one of my favorite recipes to make with them. 

Replace some of the cheese and cream in your mac and cheese with butternut squash and it’s still as comforting as ever. The kids didn’t even realize this was full of squash. 

butternut squash mac and cheese for kids in a pan on the counter

This slow cooker chili con carne is incredibly easy to make. Add all the ingredients to your Crockpot, and come back 8 hours later for an amazing, comforting meal with plenty of flavor.

I hope these easy dinner ideas for comfort foods help you get dinner on the table in a snap this fall. Share what you made, we love comments from our readers!

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Comfort food recipes are some of my favorites to make, but who wants to spend all day in the kitchen to make them? Check out these easy dinner ideas for comfort foods.

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