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Canned Tuna Recipes

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Canned tuna is one of the least expensive proteins you can find. So learning to make these canned tuna recipes will give you quick meals in no time flat! Talk about your easy dinner ideas! Canned tuna is it!

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Kid friendly tuna recipes

I run a home daycare and have for 27 years. I know picky eaters and I know what kids like to eat. So I know what kind of tuna recipes kids will go for. First, kids love anything with pasta. Tuna doesn’t change that.

When my daughter was growing up and I didn’t know how to cook, I would whip out that tuna helping every time. She loved it. And it was affordable. We were dirt poor. My husband and I both love tuna. It’s funny because he says he hates fish and tuna is the fishiest fish I can think of. But I digress…

I also love that tuna is already cooked, so unlike other proteins, there is no cook or cutting or prep time. Who doesn’t love easy? I know with 9 people to feed every day, I LOVE easy!

Even today canned tuna is one of the least expensive sources of protein available. I priced it out in my dirt cheap meals for daycare article and it was still on the list.

Tuna casserole recipe

Here are some of the tuna casserole recipes I make around here. They are rich and creamy comfort food. Your family will love them too:

tuna sandwich on a plate

Tuna salad with eggs

My tuna salad is world famous. You’re going to love this tuna salad with eggs recipe. It has pickles and boiled eggs and so much flavor you’ll be thinking about it when you lay in bed at night. Yummy, now I’m getting hungry again!

For more great canned tuna recipes, check these out:

tuna pasta salad on a plate

And don’t forget how much kids love anything in a tortilla! These cute and tasty tuna cucumber roll ups are a great kid friendly finger food! Great for a picnic or any time.

Knowing what to eat to save money is not as complicated as you might think. There are more Cheap Lunch Ideas for Daycare here.

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