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Homemade Halloween Costumes with Stuff from Around the House

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Do you want to make super cool costumes for your family without spending a ton? Check out these cool homemade Halloween costumes with stuff from around the house for some inspiration! They are great for fall activities for kids.

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If you have the taj mahal of craft closets or just a few supplies to upcycle in the donation pile, you can make some super fun homemade Halloween costumes for anyone in the family. There are even fun ideas for a whole family theme.

If you’re looking for some family themed costume ideas, check these out made with clothes from around the house or a few from thrift stores. The Cobra Kai one is my favorite and wouldn’t take many supplies.

girl in a homemade halloween costume sitting in the back of a car with pumpkinds

And if you want to participate in the teal pumpkin project and include more kids in the fun, check this out.

Homemade costumes for kids

Grab a paper plate, some rafia, a cardboard box and make a DIY No Sew Lion King mask for Halloween.

If you have some t-shirts, some felt, and some pipe cleaners, you can make this easy Dr. Seuss Sneeches costume for your kids. We love to celebrate Dr. Seuess any time of year with these fun activities.

You can make a PJ Robot costume with just a t-shirt, a little art work, and some cardboard boxes. So fun!

This UPS guy costume just takes a shirt, a hat and some felt. So cute too. Every kid wants to be a delivery guy! This would be really sensory friendly too since it’s already their clothes, so there’s nothing scratchy or weird to have on your skin.

You can make a really simple stick figure costume with some tape and markers and a piece of cardboard. I think it’s really cute!

This owl costume could be any bird and it would still just require some cutting, some felt, and a shirt and hat you already have. It’s super cute.

This tape skeleton is super fun too. (There’s a little witch if you have a dress in this post too)

And this Halloween bride is mostly made of a trash bag. No sewing and super cheap to make.

This DIY robot costume from a box is super economical to make. And it’s totally adorable!

Add some felt strips to a hoodie with some pens and create this fun unicorn costume in no time.

Or you could make this shark from a cardboard box as well. I know some boys who would REALLY love to wear this. And I bet some girls would too!

These adorable little simple PJ Masks costumes are fun to make and the kids will love them too.

Halloween costumes on a rack

Homemade baby Halloween costumes

You can make this sweet Minnie Mouse ears headband for babies with just a few supplies you probably already have. It’s not any harder than making a regular headband.

I also loved this Bob Ross costume with family “prop” costumes for partner and baby. So fun!

If you want more fall fun, check these out:

Halloween paper dolls

Check out these really fun paper dolls you can dress in Halloween costumes. Also, if you have a loved one with autism, you can print out these teal pumpkin Halloween signs.

teal pumpkin Halloween signs

And check out these fun Halloween snacks that are easy too. You can even make a jack o lantern charcuterie board for snack for Halloween too! Or Spooky ghost pepperoni dip.

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