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Pumpkin Recipes for Kids

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I love cooking with my daycare kids and fall is a great time to make a bunch of stuff out of the pumpkins you’ve been decorating with. We love to make our own pumpkin puree and turn it into pumpkin recipes for kids to make.

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Pumpkin puree is packed full of nutrients and fiber. It’s a superfood. So when we decorate the porch for fall, we cook up all of our leftover pumpkins instead of throwing them away. I puree it all and store it in 1 cup and 2 cup baggies. Then I can toss it in a soup, sauce, casserole, or bread and improve the nutritional value of what I feed the kids and my family.

Pumpkin has a very mild flavor so no one really knows it’s there. I’m allergic to nightshades so I can’t have tomatoes and I use pumpkin puree in my chili instead of tomato sauce and even my picky daughter can’t tell it’s different. I love hiding nutrition everywhere I can as well. (check out this green powder I make for that too)

Cooking with kids teaches them math, prereading, taking turns, sharing, measuring, fine motor skills and more. It’s really worth doing with the kids. And you can make very simple recipes.

Kids recipes pumpkin

One of the easiest pies you can make is pumpkin pie. You can buy a store-bought crust if you like and have a pie whipped up in a few seconds. Kids can easily help mix it up. We even tried making traditional pilgrim-style pumpkin pie!

My kids love making these pumpkin cookies as well. And even their parents love when we make them and they get to sample. They are a really healthy cookie to feed them as well.

These soft pumpkin cookies are bomb. You can make them with homemade pumpkin puree or used canned, but you're going to be asking for more.

When you bake up your pumpkins for puree, you can roast pumpkin seeds up for the kids too. They are crispy and yummy. I’m going to try them in the air fryer this year.

My favorite pumpkin recipe I ever made was this fabulous peach bread! That pumpkin made it more tender and moist than any bread I’ve ever made. I hope you’ll try that one with your kids for sure. I LOVE peach anything!

Peach season is my favorite. I love making this healthy peach cobbler bread, it’s the best peach bread recipe and my kids love it!

Sweet pumpkin fudge with just the right amount of spice nestled inside a graham cracker crust. Pumpkin pie flavor in a bite-size treat: perfect for Thanksgiving. Kids love to help stir this up!

Light and fluffy pumpkin mousse with an undertone of warm fall spices. Super easy and no-bake, everyone goes crazy over this stuff! This no-cook recipe is perfect for kids to help with.

You can’t go wrong with a pumpkin donut to start your morning this fall! These cake mix pumpkin donuts are not only delicious but also easy for kids to help make!

Pumpkin recipes for toddlers

Even toddlers can cook with you! I love making simple recipes with them and watching them try so hard to get the steps I give them. They learn so much eye-hand coordination and muscle control too.

This 5 ingredient pumpkin bread is so easy for the kids to put together! Just mix everything in a bowl and bake!

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat to make with your kids for a special Saturday morning breakfast or for a simple dessert they can create to serve at Thanksgiving dinner, these pumpkin pie crescent rolls are perfect.

This tasty pumpkin cookie pizza is everything you need for the fall. Easy to make and quite tasty, it is the perfect addition Halloween party food addition to the dessert table.

These Pumpkin Pie Turnovers are the perfect fall breakfast or portable treat! Kids will love to help make them – our girls especially like to seal the edges with a fork!

It’s not made of pumpkin, but you can even make a jack o lantern charcuterie board for snack!

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