bowl of taco soup meatless meal for picky eaters with cheese, sour cream and chips on top

Meatless Meals for Picky Eaters

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Even the pickiest eaters can enjoy meatless meals. Check out this great list of meatless meals for picky eaters for your next family meal. There are lots of meals for picky eaters to rescue your meal times.

Bowl of Ramen noodles with chop sticks meatless meal for picky eaters

Sometimes it seems like there is nothing a picky eater will eat. But there are many things that you can get them to eat. A lot of picky eaters automatically don’t like meat, so that can be a help.

This taco soup is beloved by almost every child I’ve ever had in my daycare. I’m stopped on the street by teens and adults and they reminisce about this soup.

And another dirt cheap meal for picky eaters is my world-famous bean burritos. Grown men stop me and ask me for them still. (Ones that I kept as kids!)

They even love my Black Bean Quesadilla Recipe as well.

bowl of taco soup that picky eaters LOVE!

Over the past 26 years of feeding kids in my home daycare, I have seen every level of pickiness. Here are a ton of tips on getting picky eaters to like more foods.

Vegetarian meals for picky eaters

Our homemade black bean burgers are perfectly seasoned with chili powder and cumin and served with a creamy aioli sauce bursting with the fresh flavors of cilantro and lime.

These crispy halloumi burgers might possibly be the quickest, easiest, and best veggie burgers you’ll ever make. Just coat halloumi cheese slices in flour, shallow fry, and assemble your delicious burger!

Bright and full of flavor, this ‘chili sin Carne (meatless chili) is our go-to one-pot family dinner for busy weeknights. It is fresh, affordable, and ready in just 10 minutes!

Everything tastes better cooked with eggs. I have had wonderful luck getting my kids to eat vegetables in scrambled eggs (and my grown daughter and husband love it too) These tasty Pea Feta Mint Frittata are quick and simple. They have lovely sweet pops of flavor from the peas which work beautifully with the salty feta.

Picky eater solutions

5 ingredient Baked Feta Pasta is a viral sensation! Creamy feta cheese and cherry tomatoes are seasoned with olive oil and baked into a simple yet elegant sauce that is bursting with flavor. You’ll love this quick and easy pasta recipe.

bowl of ramen with chops sticks pulling up a bite

Easy and quick vegan ramen with creamy miso and sesame soup! You only need one pot and ingredients that can be found in major supermarkets.

This Easy Fresh Vegetable Lo Mein recipe incorporates colorful veggies and satisfyingly slurpy noodles in an all-in-one vegan meal.

A cheesy baked tortellini recipe, Caprese style, with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and green olives, this is one of the most delicious tortellini bakes you could possibly make.

This easy pesto mac and cheese is made with short pasta (such as macaroni, rotini, or small shells) tossed in a creamy homemade cheese sauce.

Quick & easy recipes are my jam, even better when it’s a throwback to something from our own childhood that we can share with our kids now. Nonna’s Italian macaroni pie needs only four ingredients and is creamy cheesy pasta heaven on a plate.

These nutrition-packed open-faced sandwiches are seriously one of my favorite things to makes with a humble pot (or can) of beans and a handful of veggies. Use the recipe as a guideline to use what you have and create a meal that is satisfying, nourishing, and layered with flavor.

Enjoy your favorite Chinese takeout meal with a vegan twist in this Kung Pao chickpea recipe. The sauce is a perfect recreation with tons of bold flavors making this dish taste just like the original with a simple protein swap!

The stir-fried noodles in this Pad Thai have a delightfully chewy texture, which is complemented perfectly by the crunch of chopped peanuts.

A twist on the classic shepherd’s pie including an easy tomato-based layer and creamy mac and cheese topping. You won’t notice that this vegan comfort food is packed with vegetables!

You won’t miss the meat in these Vegetarian Fajitas. They’re made with bell peppers and mushrooms, and flavored with a homemade fajita marinade!

Your whole family will love this deliciously cheesy classic with a healthy zucchini twist!

This delightfully messy vegan meatball sandwich is great for dinner, parties, and game-day food. It’s such a versatile meatless marinara sandwich, even kids love it!

This Vegetarian Tostadas Recipe is ready in only 30 minutes and can be easily customized for everyone in the family. These are packed with veggies, mashed avocado, refried beans, and a lime slaw for a tasty and healthy-ish combination!

Meat isn’t always essential to a hearty Mexican-style meal, and these vegetarian Spicy Rice & Bean Burritos are the ultimate proof. Stuffed with a hearty seasoned rice & bean mixture, these burritos will fit any menu.

These tacos are filled with finger-licking BBQ jackfruit and fresh vegetables. They use common supermarket ingredients and I’ve included an easy soft taco recipe!

If you are feeding picky eaters, check out these dinner ideas for picky eaters and healthy snack ideas for picky eaters.

Meatless dinner ideas

Your kids are going to love these meatless hot pockets! They are a huge hit with my daycare kids and I can make a ton of them ahead and freeze them so it saves me time too.

I find that noodles are a great vessel to employ picky kids to eat a lot of different things. This easy coconut curry noodle bowl tastes rich and creamy with a flavorful coconut broth. This recipe comes together in 15 minutes with just a handful of pantry staples!

This vegan spaghetti bolognese is full of traditional Italian flavor but without the meat!

These easy vegetarian black bean nachos are made with tortilla chips, cheese, black beans, and a quick garlic yogurt sauce. Perfect for a quick dinner or game day!

The BEST healthy Vegetarian Quesadillas for lunch, dinner, or an appetizer. Filled with black beans, sweet potato, avocado, and cheese, and ready in under 30 minutes!

Use three cheeses for a grilled cheese to get a flavorful but melty sandwich you’ve been dreaming of without sacrificing quality. To make grilled cheese even better, after the sandwich is toasted on each side, cut it down the middle and sear the inside before eating. The ultimate quick and easy comfort meal.

This recipe is deceptively simple, with just a few ingredients that add up to surprisingly big, big flavors! Oven-roasted cauliflower and broccoli make this easy pasta recipe deeply flavorful and then parmesan cheese, garlic, and bright lemon juice are all you really need to round out the salty-umami-tangy symphony of tastes.

These Roasted Veggie Tacos are healthy and easy to make. Serve this vegetarian taco recipe with black beans for a quick weeknight meal!

For more picky eating help, check these out:

And for more meatless inspiration, check out meatless breakfast ideas here.

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    1. Hi CJ, every picky eater is a little bit different. Many picky eaters just don’t like meat, so we are offering suggestions for them. I have kept over 100 children in my home daycare, so I have seen every kind of picky eating problem and am trying to touch base with each of them in my articles. Thank you for your comment, I totally understand what you mean. And I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading!