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Book cover for Zero to Hero Nutrition: How to Actually Get Kids to Eat Healthy

Zero to Hero Nutrition

Are you struggling to get your picky eater to eat healthier foods? Do you find yourself constantly fighting with them over what they will and won’t eat? If so, then Zero to Hero Nutrition is the book for you!

Written by Christia Kamp, a daycare provider for over twenty years, and former picky eater, Zero to Hero Nutrition is a comprehensive guide that provides parents with strategies and solutions to help their children adopt a healthier diet. With years of experience helping families with picky eaters, Christia Kamp knows exactly what it takes to get them to start eating healthy foods.

Inside Zero to Hero Nutrition, you’ll find:

  • Flavorful combinations of food that help it taste better and encourage picky eaters to like it.
  • Proven techniques that help families add nutrition to their diet over time.
  • Easy recipes to help you get healthy meals on the table fast!

You’ll go from a nutrition zero to a nutrition hero one step at a time using Christina’s menus, shopping lists, and cooking instructions!

If you’re ready to help your child develop healthy eating habits for life, then Zero to Hero Nutrition is the perfect resource. Order your copy today!

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