top meatball recipe samples on plates

20 Top Healthy Meatball Recipes

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Meatballs are a great way to combine different meats and seasonings for delicious appetizers, snacks, meals or game-day offerings. Check out these 20 Top Healthy Meatball Recipes for your next meal. They make a great easy dinner idea.

top meatball recipe samples on plates

In this collection, you’ll find meatballs that include beef, pork, chicken, ham, lamb, and sausage as well as plant-based ingredients for tasty vegan options. You’ll find a variety of spicy and delicious ethnic-inspired seasonings that will have you exploring new tastes and ideas when planning your next meatball dinner.

Freezer Meatballs

From hot and spicy to gooey and cheesy and from sweet and sour to herbal and curried, you’ll be delighted with the many ways to make a family favorite meatball dinner. Which one will you try first? And they are great to freeze, no matter what kind you make.

Kids Meatball Recipe

This is the standby meatball recipe I make for my daycare kids in bulk to put in the freezer. Then I can pop them out for an easy lunch. It’s full of Italian flavors, my kids love them, and I can make them ahead! And I love make ahead freezer meals!

Mix ground beef with ground pork for these crowd-pleasing Swedish meatballs that are cooked to maximum deliciousness thanks to your Instant Pot. These meatballs get a quick sauté before being covered with a rich and creamy gravy and pressure cooked to flavorful perfection. Serve over noodles, rice or with mashed potatoes. Of course, they’re always a welcome addition on appetizer tables, too!

Instant Pot Swedish Meatballs by Jo Cooks

buffalo chicken meatballs in a bowl

Go spicy with ground chicken meatballs that are smothered in buffalo sauce for the tastiest game day party food ever. You can either bake these savory meatballs or cook them low and slow  in a crock pot, letting the Buffalo sauce flavors infuse the meat. Either way, these are guaranteed to be a hit! Ultimate Easy Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Meatballs by Joyful Healthy Eats

Perfect for Thanksgiving and beyond, these turkey and sage meatballs get a smattering of sweetness with the addition of apple and cranberry in the meat mixture. Plus, they smell absolutely amazing while baking! Use them for holiday parties or treat your family to them for a delicious weeknight dinner. Apple Cranberry Turkey Meatballs by Well Plated

Ground chicken takes on amazing flavors with this Greek-inspired recipe that includes plenty of herbs, lemon, spinach, and feta cheese in this meaty mixture. Bake them on a sheet pan with onions, peppers, chickpeas and eggplant. You’ll love this easy and tasty sheet pan dinner healthy meatball recipe. Sheet Pan Greek Meatballs With Veggies And Chickpeas by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

If you’re looking for the ultimate in savory meatballs, this french onion recipe is it! We’re not talking about a packet of dried seasonings here, we’re talking stove top skillet caramelization of onions for the real deal. They’ll flavor your ground turkey or chicken to epic levels, so plan on scheduling time to make these swoon-worthy meatballs that are certain to win you rave reviews! French Onion Meatballs by How Sweet Eats

french onion meatballs in a dish in au jus

Perfect for meatballs subs or over pasta, these cheesy Italian meatballs are stuffed with melty mozzarella cheese. They’re super easy to make and you’ll be waiting impatiently for these meatballs to bake in the oven because they’re just that good! Serve these with your favorite marinara sauce for a dinner that’s sure to be enjoyed! Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs by I Heart Naptime

Full of savory herbs and spices, these quinoa and black bean meatballs are a healthy option to make for appetizers or to serve with noodles and marinara sauce. These vegan meatballs get a quick sauté in the skillet to brown them before being finished in with a session in the oven. They’re zesty and delicious and are even freezer-friendly. Vegan Meatballs by Minimalist Baker

Cooking Frozen Meatballs

If you need a dump and go meatballs recipe, this is it! You can even use store-bought frozen meatballs if you don’t have time to make your own. Add them to your crockpot with your favorite BBQ sauce and grape jelly. Slow cook for 3 hours and serve to the delight of your friends and family. Crockpot BBQ Meatballs by I Heart Naptime

Whether you make these meatballs to go with spaghetti, to use in a submarine sandwich or as party appetizers, they are always a crowd-pleaser. Made on the stove top in a skillet, they are a savory meat mixture that includes plenty of Parmesan cheese. Simmer them in a marinara sauce with a cheesy mixture on top which makes them completely irresistible. Cheesy Meatball Skillet by The Cooking Jar

Cooked green lentils are blended with an array of aromatics and herbs for a zesty mixture that’s rolled into vegan balls and baked to tenderness. These meatless wonders can be served over noodles with marinara sauce or are perfect for a vegan appetizer option when entertaining. Vegan Lentil Meatballs by A Saucy Kitchen

Always a family favorite, these Hawaiian meatballs are cooked by letting your crock pot do all the work! Take another shortcut by using frozen cooked meatballs and flavoring them with a quick BBQ sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic mixture plus a drained can of pineapple chunks. Come back in a few hours to an outrageously tasty meal or appetizer. Serve with rice for a hearty meal. Slow Cooker Hawaiian Meatballs by Averie Cooks

Chickpeas, rolled oats, carrots, garlic, ginger, basil and a host of herbs are blended in a food processor before being rolled into this flavorful vegan healthy meatball recipe. Bake them for about 20 minutes while you prepare the easy and delectable red curry sauce on the stove. Serve with rice or riced cauliflower and enjoy this Thai-inspired meatless meal. Thai Red Curry Chickpea Meatballs by Making Thyme For Health

stuffed burger meatballs on picks with pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes

Perfect for game-days and tailgating parties, these cheeseburger meatballs are bite-sized delights that will be gobbled down quickly, so you might want to make a double batch! These juicy beef meatballs are stuffed with cheddar cheese for a deliciousness in every bite. Once cooked, deck them out a pickle, lettuce and a cherry tomato on a toothpick speared through the meatball. Have dipping sauces at the ready for those who need their mustard and ketchup fix, too! Cheeseburger Stuffed Meatballs by Spend With Pennies

Ground turkey flavored with soy sauce, garlic, cilantro and a dash of sriracha gives these oven-cooked healthy meatball recipe has a zesty Asian flair. Serve them with carrot-infused rice with a spicy honey, soy sauce and garlic sauce. Bonus: these cooked meatballs are freezer-friendly so you can always have a batch on hand for busy weeknights. Asian Turkey Meatballs by Dinner At The Zoo

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and here, the homemade garlicky beef and sausage meatballs pair perfectly with the easy homemade marinara sauce. It’s all prepared in a deep skillet on your stove where the cooked meatballs get to simmer in the savory sauce. Serve over spaghetti and be prepared for rave reviews from the family. Spaghetti And Meatballs by Natasha’s Kitchen

This healthy meatball mixture of beef and lamb is perfect for flavoring with spices of cardamom, cumin, allspice and fresh herbs of parsley and mint. Scallions and crumbled goat cheese round out this sumptuous mixture that’s rolled into balls and browned in a skillet. Finish the cooking in the oven before serving with a spicy and lemony yogurt sauce. Delish! Lebanese Meatballs by The View From Great Island

Vegan healthy meatball recipes take on a delicious flavor with a combination of white beans and broccoli rabe acting as the base. These ingredients are infused with onion, garlic and Italian seasonings before being rolled into meatless balls and baked. Serve with marinara sauce as appetizers or over your favorite noodles. Cannellini Bean And Broccoli Rabe Meatballs by Connoisseurus Veg

Outrageously spiced and juicy, ground sausage plus just a few pantry ingredients will have you mixing and forming this zesty Italian meaty mixture into savory meatballs in no time. They bake in less than 20 minutes, giving you enough time to prepare marinara sauce, noodles or hoagie rolls for these tasty sausage meatballs. Italian Sausage Meatballs by Baker By Nature

If you love Reuben sandwiches, you must try these delectable little meatballs that are perfect for game days, appetizers, or dinner. Ground beef and corned beef join to make a seasoned mixture for the meatballs. Form and roll the meatballs and brown them in a skillet. Add them to a sheet pan and top each with sauerkraut and shredded gruyere cheese and bake until the meat is cooked through. Serve on mini toasted rye bread and top with Thousand Island dressing. Savory Reuben Meatballs by Take Two Tapas

If you’re looking for a way to use leftover ham, here’s your recipe! Ham combines with ground pork in this easy meatball mixture that is formed into balls ready for a session in the oven. Before baking, drizzle them with a sweet brown sugar and apple cider glaze that infuses them out-of-this-world deliciousness. Serve as appetizers, over rice, or even cut them up for a pizza topping. Old Fashioned Ham Balls by Belly Full

creepy meatball eyeballs on a plate

And meatballs can even be a fun and spooky Halloween party treat. Check these creepy meatball eyeballs out here!

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