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What to Eat to Save Money

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We all know times are hard right now and everything is skyrocketing in price. So read on to check out what to eat to save money. And also check out other ways to save money every month.

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Ways to Save Money Every Day

Recently I did a bunch of research to find out how to make dirt cheap meals for my daycare kids. And I found out what the least expensive forms of protein are. Being a daycare provider for decades now, I have learned how to live on the cheap. I mean, talk about an underfunded field. But it’s a passion and a love, so I innovate.

Now times are hard and money is getting tighter and tighter so every penny counts. And protein is always the most expensive part of the meal. So we can make a big difference in our budget by starting there.

Obviously, beans were the least expensive, but also on the list of less expensive choices were canned tuna, pork roast (the big tough kind), and eggs. These proteins are super versatile, so check out the links to see a ton of things you can make with them.

Many times people think they have to have money to eat healthy, but there are so many healthy meals you can eat to save on a budget. Check out how to eat healthy and save money here.

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Ways to save money

There are obviously ways to save money by eating inexpensive staple items you can buy in bulk. Here are some very versatile food sources that are cheap:

  • Oats
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Pasta

So combine them with the least expensive proteins for meals that are inexpensive to make. And don’t think I forgot about your picky eaters. I’m an expert in toddler meals and I’ve served the pickiest! So I know how to find things to feed picky kids.

Here are some favorites around the daycare for the pickiest, that are still cheap:

tuna pasta bake on the table with bread and salad

Hopefully something here will spark your imagination and you’ll be on your way to eating on the cheap in no time!

Also, cut down on food waste by learning how to preserve as much food as you can. Check this out for ideas:

If you’re wanting to eat out, of course, that’s always a more expensive option. But there are ways to save on eating out. The number one thing is to order only water to drink. Alcohol and even tea and soda nowadays add quite a lot to your total bill.

You can also choose a buffet or takeout to save money on service. Ordering a lunch portion instead of a dinner portion makes a huge difference, so if you have a choice of meals to eat out, always opt for lunch over dinner!

You can always share a plate with a friend and split the cost or only eat half of your food and take the other half home for another meal. Restaurants always serve far more than the portion sizes we need anyway.

Use coupons and discounts when finding a place to eat. You can do that at the grocery store too. Find what’s on sale, shop the end caps, use the flyers, and cut coupons (as long as it’s something you would already buy anyway). There are a lot of ways you can shave a few dollars off your food bill.

For more ideas on how to save money, check these out:

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