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15 Non-Candy Ideas for Stuffing Easter Eggs

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Finding alternative things for stuffing Easter eggs for my kids is part of the Easter egg hunt get-together for me. It’s great to celebrate holidays and special days in daycare with kids.

pink and yellow easter eggs arranged on a colorful board

I LOVE throwing an Easter party for my preschool kids and their families. Stuffing eggs is so much fun, but I hate the idea of stuffing all of them full of candy. A little candy is fine, but baskets full is just overkill and not a good message to send our children.

Easter egg stuffers

Easter is my favorite holiday. I love celebrating the resurrection of my Savior. I love teaching the meaning of Easter to my kids.

Every year, I order my Easter egg stuffers from Oriental Trading Company. They have a wonderful variety of affordable options for me.

a basket of easter eggs on the table
star wars shaped easter eggs

Non candy Easter egg stuffers

Oriental has some really cool shaped Easter eggs, such as these Lego eggs, Star Wars eggs, kitty cat eggs, and so many other types. I LOVE that they came out with fruit and veggie eggs. This is another great way to show my kids that fruits and veggies are good. I love the idea of them playing with their eggs at home and seeing fruits and veggies in a positive, playful light.

fruit and vegetable shaped easter eggs for stuffing

I hate the idea of all the waste that is involved in holidays, so I try to make good environmental decisions for my celebrations. One thing I have quit doing is using disposable dishes for the party food. I keep a few on hand in case I run out of whatever dishes we need. I only have so many plates and cups, but I use what I have first and then offer disposables to people who still need something to eat with.

Ideas for stuffing Easter eggs

Another thing I do to cut down on waste is to reuse my plastic eggs. Most of the time, the eggs go home, get lost all over the house and broken, and then thrown in the trash. I always tell my families they are welcome to take whatever eggs they want to home, but if they don’t want to take them, they can deposit them into a plastic tote that I put up for the following year. This cuts down on a ton of waste and I love it.

I always want my families to feel welcome to take what they will use and enjoy. Being a good hostess is important. Most of the time, to be honest, the parents are grateful not to have them around the house. They may also attend multiple egg hunts so that can be quite a few eggs to deal with.

With this year being the big release of the Lego movie, I ordered several packages of Lego shaped eggs. I LOVE them. They are so cool. They actually lock together. Here are some other egg shapes I ordered for the kids.

lego shaped easter eggs

Stuffing Easter eggs

If you are short on time, Oriental has pre-stuffed plastic Easter eggs you can purchase. I love getting a few of these to make my Easter egg stuffing chore a little easier. Kids should get way too many eggs per person! In my opinion, the kids should get dozens and dozens of eggs each. I never want a child to leave with only a tiny amount of eggs, so I always overdo it on the eggs.

easter eggs filled with stuffed bunnies

Some of my stuffed plastic Easter eggs have candy because people expect it and I don’t want the kids to be disappointed with no candy, I just cut back on it for their health. There are a lot of other Easter egg stuffers you can find!

What are some other cool things kids can find in eggs?

  1. Stuffed animals. Oriental had some big eggs with tiny stuffed animals inside. I love this idea. I know the kids will play with these animals for a long time. So cute.
  2. Baby chicks. These little fuzzy chicks have always been a favorite at my Easter parties, so I buy them every year. I love how kids react when they find them. (Don’t forget to warn the parents of small children if you are using tiny toys that can be a choking hazard for their kids)
  3. Pom pom animals. These are adorable as well and kids love that you can stick them on your shirt if you peel the paper off the back. Score!
  4. Stickers are a great addition to eggs. Kids love stickers and tattoos. Oriental sells all kinds AND they have varieties that teach the resurrection message as well.
  5. Stretchy bunnies, sticky bunnies, or other small toys that can be played launched or made into all kinds of games by the kids.
  6. Bouncy balls are great and fit right inside of an egg
  7. Bracelets and necklaces. Friendship bracelets like the ones I got from Oriental or rubber bracelets are great egg stuffers. They also have them with Christian messages.
  8. Kids can stamp them on paper and they fit right inside Easter eggs.
  9. Hair ties, bands, and barrettes are a cute addition to your Easter egg repertoire.
  10. Matchbox cars can fit into the larger eggs. Kids LOVE cars!
  11. Lego mini figures would be great in Easter eggs as well. Wouldn’t it be fun to find those!
  12. Tiny shaped erasers are super fun.
  13. Tiny pencil sharpeners fit in Easter eggs as well.
  14. Itty bitty toys of all kinds. Mini slinkies, tiny action figures, baby playdough, silly putty or slime canisters.
  15. I love to stuff the eggs with quarters, dollar bills and a few larger bills for prizes.
fuzzy chicks and bunnies for stuffing easter eggs

Candy Alternatives for Easter eggs

The candy alternatives for Easter eggs are only limited by your imagination. Oriental has a ton of choices at decent prices for childcare providers and parents like myself that have a small budget. They have tons of party supplies for Easter as well. 

What do you love to use for Easter egg stuffers? Here are even 8 more ideas to stuff easter eggs.

For some fun Easter Pom Pom Mats, check this out.

easter pom pom mats layered on a sheet

And this adorable Easter Chick Toast is a healthy but fun way to add to the celebration.

easter chick toast on a plate with silverware and a gold spatula and a tray full of easter chick toast nearby

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  1. Fun ideas that are not candy. Kids get so much candy from everyone on Easter so this is really some great ideas.