basket of easter eggs dyed with black tea with box of eggs eggs, and jar of tea

Easter Eggs Dyed with Black Tea

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A fun and new way to dye eggs with the family this Easter season is Easter eggs dyed with black tea! It makes gorgeously colored eggs with unique markings. And check out these naturally dyed Easter eggs too!

easter eggs dyed wtih black tea in a basket with other eggs around hte basket and a jar of tea

Who would have thought you could dye Easter eggs with black tea? But you sure can! And coffee too. There are lots of foods in your kitchen that make wonderful easter egg dyes. And you can even dye brown eggs too. They make a darker color result, but experiment with it if you have time. We did it last year and they were gorgeous!

Some other food ideas that will dye Easter eggs include coffee, turmeric, berries, beets. Think about things that stain your hands or your countertop when you use them. We have more ideas linked at the end of this article for you to try.

And using food from your kitchen won’t leave you wondering if the eggs are really safe to eat. I know I try to avoid artificial ingredients in my family’s food and my daycare kids. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary behavior problems are trigger any allergies. So I try to use as natural food sources as I can find. And it seems counterintuitive to soak eggs in artificial chemicals and then eat them.

I know that tea or beets or berries are a safe way to make pretty colored eggs for and with my kids.

Dye Easter eggs with tea

white eggs, bowls of clear liquid, and tea bags on a table

What you need:

  • 1 Quart Boiling Water
  • 8 Tea Bags (personal size)
  • 2 Tablespoons White Vinegar
  • 12 Boiled Eggs

Check here for how to perfectly boil eggs every time.

white bowl with tea steeping in water

What you do:

  • Place the boiling water and tea bags in a bowl or dish and let steep for 10 minutes.
  • Squeeze the tea bags into the water and discard them. (We let them cool and feed them to our compost worms)
  • Add vinegar to the tea and mix.
  • Add eggs to the mixture until the desired color is achieved. We did 8 hours.
  • Remove the Easter eggs dyed with black tea from the bowl and dry.
boiled eggs in brown liquid

More information:

  • You can use larger tea bags, if you desire. Just use one of the gallon tea bags.
  • You can reuse the dye for dozens of eggs.
  • You can use varying times and play around with it, it will just result in random shades of the brown.
  • If a tea bag breaks, it won’t hurt anything at all!
brown dyed easter eggs on a towel by a basket

For more natural egg dyeing ideas, check these out:

  • Easter eggs dyed with blackberries
  • Easter eggs dyed with turmeric
  • Easter eggs dyed with beets

For more easter ideas, check out:

Can you dye brown eggs?

You sure can dye brown eggs. Your eggs will be a darker shade, more intensely colored. Lighter colors might be changed by the brown natural color of the egg. But try white and brown eggs and see what you get. The creativity of dyeing eggs is the fun part, so trying different types of dyes and different times and methods is the fun part! Let your creativity reign. It’s great therapy!

If you want to get super fancy, check out these creative Easter egg decorating ideas. There’s more than just dye!

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