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Kids Nature Activities and Bug Facts

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Learning about nature is fun for kids. The best way for kids to learn is through hands-on nature activities that will keep their interest. It’s the best way to teach bug facts to kids. There are many kids garden ideas you can do with your kids today.

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Bug Facts for Kids

These nature activities for kids include all of the above and are something the kids can have fun with while they learn. Encourage learning, creativity, and play with these fun daycare nature activities and learning ideas. These ideas are full of them! And hands on means brains on!

Check out this downloadable printable ladybug facts lapbook to go along with your ladybug facts lesson plans.

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Exploring with their hands can be a memorable experience that they will always remember. Hands-on activities can include science projects, process art activities, and even exploring various nature elements with their hands. And don’t forget how important calming activities for kids can be!

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Nature Learning Activities for Kids

  • Plant beans and do these Jack and the Beanstalk finger puppets.
  • Mushroom Spore Prints Have the kids learn more about mushrooms as they are using them to create art with this fun nature science activity.
  • Dissecting Daffodils As the kids dissect the daffodils, they can learn more about the science behind them and how they are pollinated.
  • Painting with Nature Process Art Activity Let their creativity shine through when it comes to painting. As the kids go through the journey of painting, they will be using items found in nature.
  • Nature Music Activity Learning about music by using items from nature can be a fun and educational experience for children. This activity shows you how you can make music with rocks and sticks. Kids can experiment with the items to create their own music.
  • Hammered Nature Process Art Let the kids have fun with experimenting with natural colors as they create their art with items from nature. This activity uses colorful leaves, stems, and even loose petals.
  • Rock Balancing Activity Through trial and error, this educational activity involves having the kids stack different shaped and sized rocks.
  • Fall Bug Habitat Let the kids explore with nature items as they make a fall bug habitat. The best part about this activity is that the kids can create their own habitats in their own way with their own choice of nature items.
  • Sensory Autumn Painting Painting with natural fall materials, this sensory painting is a take on the classic process art and will have the kids creating their own autumn creations.
  • Rain and Mud Play Ideas Filled with fun ideas for your toddler or preschool, these hands-on rainy-day activities will be a fun way for them to learn more about nature and science.
  • Insect or Spider Play Dough Mats Playdough mats are a fun sensory activity that is full of educational benefits. This activity will have kids creating their own take on insects and spiders as they learn more about each.
  • Nature Paint Brushes Using a variety of different nature activities, the kids can put together their own nature paint brushes which they can use to create their own nature art.
  • Sensory Soup Activity Get the kids outdoors to create their own nature soup through sensory play. Recipe cards are included but it’s more fun to let the kids explore and create on their own.
  • Painting with Nature Another fun painting activity that uses items from nature to create something colorful, the kids will enjoy creating their own paintings using nature items.
  • Creating Nature Frames Through sensory play with nature items, the kids can create their own frame. As they mix and match different nature items and materials, making the frame itself isn’t important, it’s the process of working with the items.
  • Another great sensory activity is this DIY green tea playdough you can make with your kids. It smells great, it feels great, it strengthens fine motor skills too!
  • Making your own suet cakes to feed birds and learning about what birds need is another fun thing to do with kids.

Dragonfly Facts for Kids

The dragonfly might win the award for the coolest insect name ever, don’t you think? I just love them. I love what they do in the garden and yard. I love how they look. I’ve even petted one once. I sang to it and it let me pet it! These dragonfly facts for kids are a great way to teach your kids about these amazing creatures!

Facts about Grasshoppers for Kids

Learning bug facts about grasshoppers is really fun! Grasshoppers are easily accessible in summer and you can put one in a jar and observe it. People who have spent time outdoors in the summer are aware of the beautiful music made by grasshoppers.

Ant Facts for Kids

Boy, do we have some ants around here. I love teaching kids bug facts, so ants seem like the natural way to go.

  • You can make an ant farm with your preschooler and spend some time observing ants traveling in and out of ant hills in your yard.
  • Ants are familiar and interesting little creatures. They are one of the more insects here and certainly capture any child’s attention. Studying ants through books, art, play dough, and music is fun! Check out the following Preschool Ant Activities.

This nature study ideas printable would make a great addition to your nature studies too!

Bug Books for Kids

Here are some great toddler and preschool bug books for kids that we love at Little Sprouts!

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