two paper caterpillars on a board with a plant and some colored pom poms

Paper Caterpillar Craft for Preschool

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Looking for a cute paper caterpillar craft for preschool kids? This paper caterpillar craft is fun and easy for your caterpillar theme!

paper caterpillar craft for preschool. Two paper caterpillars on a aboard, one green and white, one orange and yellow, perfect for the hungry caterpillar

Caterpillar theme

Running a home daycare always has me looking for things for the kids to do. Here’s a fun home daycare activity that is adorable and goes along with my caterpillar study that we do.

Caterpillar to butterfly

We plant things that attract butterflies to our garden, collect caterpillars from the host plants, and do all kinds of nature studies about them. I learn every time and I know the kids never forget this stuff! Check out this simple and fun paper caterpillar craft for kids to go with your caterpillar preschool activities.

This is a black swallowtail butterfly that we watched metamorphosis in our home daycare.

Grab some colorful craft paper and some scissors and lets make some caterpillars! It only takes a few basic supplies. Your kids will build their fine motor skills and cutting skills. They are adorable. Your daycare parents will love them. And, you can make them along side The Very Hungry Caterpillar to reinforce the activity with a colorful and fun story.

Caterpillar song for kids

We love to sing the fuzzy caterpillar too! Check out how it goes here:

Paper caterpillar crafts for kids to make

Here are some other fun caterpillar crafts that kids can enjoy:

  1. Popsicle Stick Caterpillar: Glue popsicle sticks together to form the body of the caterpillar and add googly eyes, pipe cleaners for antennae, and felt for the legs.
  2. Toilet Paper Roll Caterpillar: Cut a toilet paper roll into sections, paint it green, and glue googly eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae.
  3. Fingerprint Caterpillar: Use green ink pads to make fingerprints and arrange them to form the body of the caterpillar. Add googly eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae.
  4. Yarn Caterpillar: Wrap green yarn around a cardboard tube to form the body of the caterpillar, add googly eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae.

These are just a few ideas for caterpillar crafts. Get creative and have fun!

materials for paper caterpillar craft
glue stick gluing a paper chain together
orange and yellow paper chain on a board
paper chain caterpillar on a table

Caterpillar preschool activities

Now let’s get to our super fun paper caterpillar craft for preschool kids!

paper caterpillars on a cabinet with plants
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Paper Caterpillar Craft for Preschool

Easy fun activity to make caterpillars for your preschool lesson plans.
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Author: Christina


  • Orange and yellow cardstock paper for the caterpillar body.
  • Red cardstock paper for the caterpillar mouth.
  • A pair of googly eyes.
  • Templates for the caterpillar parts.
  • Elmer’s glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  • Gather your supplies.
  • Using the templates given in the PDF, cut 5 caterpillar body pieces from the yellow cardstock paper and 6 pieces from the orange. Also cut the caterpillar head, mouth and two antennae pieces, using the templates.
  • Take one of the yellow body pieces, apply glue along one of the short edges and glue the edges together to form a closed ring.
  • Next, take one of the orange caterpillar body pieces and insert it through the yellow ring. Apply glue along the short edge and glue them together to get two connected rings.
  • Continue gluing all the body pieces together in alternating colors to complete the body of the caterpillar.
  • Next, take the mouth piece and glue it on the face.
  • Glue the two eyes on the face and the two antennae behind it.
  • Apply glue along the back of the face.
  • Glue the face to the body and your wiggly caterpillar is ready!

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