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Kids Garden Ideas

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Gardening teaches kids so much about science, math, and nature. It can also help them learn the importance of nutrition. Check out these kids garden ideas to get your kids started.

Kids saving okra seeds from dried okra pods into a colander

Studies have shown that gardening encourages children to ask more questions and get smarter. They can learn about photosynthesis, life cycles, water, worms, sunshine, and measuring. Experts say that children who garden score higher in science! So learn how to make a garden with kids here.

Kids can learn about the vitamins each plant provides and how to best eat a balanced diet. This is information they will be using throughout life.

Gardening is the perfect activity for growing bodies. Kids get their hands in the dirt which strengthens immunities. Digging in the ground and planting help build fine and gross motor skills. They use up energy in a productive way.

child saving seeds from a dried okra pod

Kids Garden Bed

There are so many benefits to gardening with kids. The effects of gardening on kids’ minds, bodies, and spirits are astounding. And there are sensory benefits as well.

You can start a preschool garden with a few supplies. You’ll need funding, or a garden grant if you don’t already have supplies or funding in place. And if you’ve never gardened with kids before, there are a few tips for gardening with kids that will help tremendously. Check them out here.

Start small, don’t try to overdo it to begin with. And start with easy plants for kids to grow. Then work your way up to the more difficult ones as you gain gardening experience.

Kids Garden Games

There are so many fun garden games you can make to play with your kids in the garden. We even do garden yoga. It’s so cool. Check out these fun kids garden games. Like a homemade tic tac toe game.

a child holding a really large garden seed

Kids Gardening Activities

Kids garden activities are plentiful. And they can learn any part of your core standards in the garden with these kids garden ideas. There are even Garden Activities for Babies to do! There is so much to explore and learn! Check some of these out:

Sensory Garden for Kids

Planting a sensory garden for kids to explore and learn in is simple. You don’t need many supplies, just a few plants and a small bed or even a 5 gallon bucket.

These seed bombs are another way to plant seeds with kids! They will love it!

Fairy Garden for Kids

Building a fairy garden for kids is even easier and so cute and fun. My kids love to play in theirs. It’s one of the favorite areas in the children’s play area outside.

The garden has so much to offer, the possibilities are limitless. And it doesn’t have to be huge, just a small space will do. The most important part is just to get in the garden with kids. You’re going to love it as much as they do. You’ll fall in love just like I did.

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