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Daycare Garden Activities for Toddlers

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With spring on the way, it is time to think about some fun daycare garden activities for toddlers. There are many kids garden ideas you can do with your kids today.

toddler in the garden with hand spades working the dirt next to plants

There is so much to learn in the garden!

Garden activities can be a fun hands-on activity that will also give the kids a chance to learn a little more about the outdoor world. It also helps children learn more about the foods we eat, explore nature, learn more about insects, and more.

Check this out for how to start a garden with your daycare kids in 4 easy steps!

toddler planting seeds for a garden activity at a table with a pot and a watering can

Garden Activities Toddlers

These fun garden activities for toddlers feature everything from planting seeds and watching them grow to sensory and art activities that will allow them to explore the world of nature. Each activity offers something different in terms of having fun and learning.

Learn about composting Even kids can learn how to compost and make their own soil enhancer.

Plant bean seeds and make these Jack and the Beanstalk finger puppets to go along with the project.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder A simple garden activity that toddlers can in daycare during the spring, this mason jar bird feeder will make a fun project.

Colored Flower Experiment A spring garden activity your daycare students will love doing, this STEM activity will be a learning experience they will always remember.

Check out this printable garden journal for kids from Mama on the Homestead. So cute!

kids gardening journal mock up

Garden activities for kids

Bug Motel Create a bug motel in your daycare class and the kids will love watching the bugs as they learn about how important they are to our gardens and our environment.

Painted Rocks for the Garden These painted rocks are fun to make and use to decorate the garden. To find out what kind of paint to use to paint rocks, check this out, and you can even make garden markers, see the next link.

garden tic tac toe game made out of painted rocks and sticks on a bucket.

DIY Garden Rock Markers The kids will love getting creative and making their own colorful garden markers from rocks. These rocks would make a fun project for the kids as they work on their gardens or learning more about the different plants.

Try making these peanut butter suet cakes for birds with your kids too!

DIY Seed Bombs A simple and fun project for the kids to do! These DIY seed bombs will make the perfect garden starters and the kids will love planting them.

Preschool Garden Experiment This garden experiment will make the perfect activity for your daycare. The kids will love learning more about seeds and testing the various environments.

garden bingo game mockup

Check out this super fun garden bingo game for kids!

Milk Bottle Watering Can Turn an empty milk jug into a watering can so that the kids can learn how to water the plants they are growing.

This nature study ideas printable would make a great addition to your nature studies too!

Fairy Garden You can make your own fairy garden for kids with what you probably already have around the house. My kids play in this for hours throughout the year.

Recycled Herb Container Garden Create this recycled herb garden with your daycare children to help them grow their own food and promote eating healthy.

DIY Kid’s Terrarium Kids can make their own DIY terrarium with mason jars and small plants

Kids making terrariums in the garden with a bag of dirt, some plants and mason jars for a garden activity for toddlers

Soda Bottle Terrarium Perfect for preschool or toddler-aged children, this soda bottle terrarium is an easy-to-make gardening project that will help them learn biology, plant life cycle, and more.

Toilet Roll Pots Let the kids make their own garden pots out of toilet paper rolls. This easy and fun activity will be something fun and educational for the kids to do as they learn more about seeds and growing plants.

Paper Plate Greenhouse Let your daycare class learn more about gardening and plants by making this colorful paper plate greenhouse. The kids will love using their hands to get creative as they learn more about greenhouses and gardening.

small child picking a tomato in the garden activities for toddlers

These garden activities for toddlers are going to be great with your kids!

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