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20 Fall Garden Activities for Kids

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As the vibrant colors of summer give way to the rich hues of autumn, fall presents the perfect opportunity for kids to connect with nature in a whole new way. From planting bulbs to crafting leaf art, these 20 fall garden activities for kids are designed to inspire creativity, teach valuable skills, and create lasting memories. Let’s explore the magic of autumn with these delightful garden adventures!

20 Fall Garden Activities for kids

Garden activities for kids

What better way to teach young children than with nature? Kids can have a great time in the fall season or any time of year working in garden beds, learning about new plants, enjoying fall color, adding to the compost pile, looking for seed pods and so much more.

There are so many different colors in this growing season, it’s an ideal time for kids to learn colors as cooler temperatures set in. The garden can be so much fun and is the best way I know to teach holistic learning that touches mind, body, and soul. You can grow a huge variety of plants such as Brussels sprouts, root vegetables, mustard greens, fava beans in your fall planting.

There are so many things kids can learn in the garden. We work in our garden program year round. And even though there are not as many crops to grow in the children’s garden in the fall as there are in the summer, fall gives plenty for kids to do. And it’s not as hot out there too.

Here’s a link to a great vegetable garden planner you can print right out and use at home! So cute!

So now is the perfect time to grab the garden tools, come up with design ideas for your growing space, and work until the first frost starts the winter months. Whether you grow in a raised garden bed, grow container plants, or have acres of giant gardens, growing a school garden is a good idea and it always will be.

It’s an excellent way to teach children and give them a learning space that has no rival. The quality time you spend teaching in the garden will be the most long lasting. It changes kids for life!

So, go out and build some new gardens and get ready to prepare them fall garden activities for kids. You’ll never regret it. 

Check out this super fun garden bingo game for kids!

garden bingo game mockup

For more garden activity ideas, check these out:

a child picking peas in the garden

Fall garden activities

Engaging in fall garden activities offers numerous benefits for kids, combining fun with educational and developmental advantages. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Physical Health: Gardening involves physical activities like digging, planting, and raking, which help improve strength, coordination, and overall fitness.
  2. Educational Value: Kids learn about plant life cycles, weather patterns, and ecosystems. These hands-on experiences enhance their understanding of science and nature.
  3. Creativity and Imagination: Activities like leaf art, pumpkin carving, and making scarecrows encourage creativity and imaginative play.
  4. Responsibility and Patience: Taking care of plants and understanding the time they take to grow teaches kids responsibility and the value of patience.
  5. Environmental Awareness: Gardening fosters a sense of environmental stewardship, teaching kids the importance of caring for the earth and its resources.
  6. Mental Well-being: Spending time outdoors in nature reduces stress and anxiety, promoting mental well-being and mindfulness.
  7. Social Skills: Group gardening activities encourage teamwork, communication, and cooperation among children.
  8. Nutritional Awareness: Growing their own vegetables and fruits helps kids appreciate healthy eating and understand where their food comes from.
  9. Sensory Development: Gardening engages all five senses—sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste—enhancing sensory development.
  10. Connection to Nature: Fall gardening helps kids develop a deeper connection to the natural world, fostering a lifelong appreciation for nature.
a tic tac toe game in the garden made of rocks and sticks

Check out this printable garden journal for kids from Mama on the Homestead. So cute!

kids gardening journal mock up

Fall garden activities list

Here are 20 fun and educational fall garden activities for kids:

  1. Planting Bulbs: Planting tulip or daffodil bulbs for spring blooms.
  2. Leaf Collecting: Gathering colorful leaves for crafts.
  3. Composting: Learning about composting and starting a compost bin.
  4. Garden Scavenger Hunt: Creating a list of items to find in the garden.
  5. Building a Scarecrow: Making a scarecrow to protect the garden.
  6. Pumpkin Decorating: Carving or painting pumpkins.
  7. Seed Saving: Collecting and saving seeds from summer plants.
  8. Bird Feeder Crafting: Making homemade bird feeders.
  9. Herb Drying: Harvesting and drying herbs for cooking.
  10. Garden Cleanup: Raking leaves and preparing the garden for winter.
  11. Nature Journaling: Keeping a journal of observations in the garden.
  12. Bug Hotel Building: Creating habitats for beneficial insects.
  13. Fairy Garden Making: Designing a miniature fairy garden.
  14. Nature Art: Creating art projects using natural materials like leaves, acorns, and twigs.
  15. Garden Storytime: Reading garden-themed books outdoors.
  16. Planting Fall Vegetables: Planting cool-season crops like kale or spinach.
  17. Pinecone Crafts: Making bird feeders or decorations with pinecones.
  18. Sensory Garden Exploration: Exploring the garden through touch, smell, and sight.
  19. Garden Photography: Taking photos of fall garden scenes and plants.
  20. Nature Walks: Going on walks to observe seasonal changes in plants and wildlife.
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