kids harvesting kale in the children's garden

Children’s Garden Daycare

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Doing a children’s garden daycare activity is one of the best things I’ve ever done with my kids. We have a large preschool garden, but even a 5-gallon bucket-sized garden can teach kids a ton! Gardening with kids is important!

kids planting seeds in the daycare garden

Children’s gardening

There is nothing more fun, more rewarding, or more all-inclusive to teaching that I’ve done in 27 years of teaching young children than growing a garden with the kids. Our preschool garden is our favorite place. We started the preschool garden with donations and scraps and 13 years later, it’s still growing strong!

Check out this super fun garden bingo game for kids!

garden bingo game mockup

Click here for more information on gardening for beginners to help you get started with basic gardening information.

And click here for the 4 steps to building a children’s garden for your daycare. It will simplify it and help you know where to start.

a young child watering a pot of seeds with a watering can

Here’s a link to a great vegetable garden planner you can print right out and use at home! So cute!

Children’s garden ideas

You can plant a small and simple sensory garden for kids to learn in. There is so much stimulation of the senses in the garden daycare. Sight, smell, sounds, textures and especially taste! Think about the smell of a tomato plant or fresh basil! Mint, sage, lavender, flowers, and more! There are tons of shapes, colors and textures. It’s so much fun!

What about creating a fairy garden? We made one with a broken child-sized wheelbarrow. It is such a big hit. The kids love it.

You can plant a salad garden with your kids. Think of all the fun salad toppings you can grow. Here in Oklahoma, we can grow it in spring and fall as well.

Kids can play all kinds of garden games in the garden. Check some of these ideas out! You can make your own tic tac toe board with rocks and more! These seed bombs are another way to plant seeds with kids! They will love it!

child picking peas in the children's garden

Check out my favorite brand of seeds here.

Check out this printable garden journal for kids from Mama on the Homestead. So cute!

kids gardening journal mock up

Benefits of gardening with children in daycare

There are so many benefits to gardening with kids. There are sensory benefits, mental health benefits, physical health benefits, and cognitive benefits. Kids can learn math, science, reading, and more through the garden.

They gain large motor skills, fine motor skills, get lots of fresh air and sunshine, and build muscles and endurance. There is so much to be done in the garden! And you get healthy food that they are 50% more likely to try when they have helped grow it!

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