Fairy gardens are all the rage these days and I can see why. Check out these fairy garden ideas for kids and make your own.

Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids

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Fairy gardens are all the rage these days and I can see why. Check out these fairy garden ideas for kids and make your own. There are many kids garden ideas you can do with your kids today.

Kids playing with props in the fairy garden

It’s a great idea to get kids into the garden and interested in nature activities.

Check out this super fun garden bingo game for kids!

garden bingo game mockup

There are many different ways you could construct your fairy garden. You can use a pot, make it in the ground, make one in the grass, put it in a toy like we did in our daycare garden. A big dump truck would make a super fun fairy garden holder and a wagon would as well. We had this wheelbarrow that the big wheel broke off of, so we got the idea to make our fairy garden in it.

Kids playing with a fairy garden

Kids fairy garden

All you need for the garden is fairy furniture. You can make your fairy garden with plants or without. We are trying to grow some ground cover in ours and a big tree, so we’ll see how it turns out. The tree had the unfair advantage of being yanked out of the dirt multiple times, so there is a learning curve of what is a toy and what is a plant.

Be patient, your kids will learn.

Fairy gardens are all the rage these days and I can see why. Who doesn’t love miniature everything? So cute! There are so many cool ways to make a fairy garden and they are a great tool for teaching kids. We have ours set up like a dollhouse where kids can move the toys around in it and play together.

They have the cutest little figurines and decorations to go in fairy gardens. You can even make them yourself if you’d like. The kids would love doing that. Get some old milk jugs from the recycle bin. Cut them up and staple them. Whatever you like will work.

Want more ideas on how to upcycle trash into treasure, check out this super cool composter made for free! 

Check out this printable garden journal for kids from Mama on the Homestead. So cute!

kids gardening journal mock up

How to make a fairy garden

For an outdoor fairy garden, you need to use things that will hold up to the rain, sun and probably freeze if you plan to leave it out. We leave ours out year-round. We started with a special fairy garden pot, but it broke apart the first winter.

The next year we made the fairy garden in one of the raised beds, but the toys kept getting lost, so this wheelbarrow upcycle is perfect!

Fairy garden in an upcylced wheelbarrow that the wheel broke off of, kids around it playing with the furniture.

DIY fairy garden

It’s simple to make your own fairy garden or even fairy garden structures. This metal archway could have easily been made by bending wire yourself. You could even use little toy tractors from the toy basket in the house.

I love miniatures so fairy gardens are a delight for me. I love how my kids play together in ours and learn to get along and share while they’re doing it. Acting out scenes in the garden teaches them so much about life including social skills which are super valuable for success in life!

Help your kids make a fairy garden to play with today.

Check out how to make a worm farm for your kids here. You don’t even have to spend money on the container, it can be upcycled too!

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