Gardening affects the whole person. It changes your mood. It teaches us. Kids can learn a ton in the garden, but gardening with kids affects mind body and soul

How Gardening with Kids Affects Mind, Body and Soul

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Gardening affects the whole person. It changes your mood. It teaches us. Kids can learn a ton in the garden, but gardening with kids affects mind body and soul. There are many kids garden ideas you can do with your kids today.

Gardening affects the whole person. It changes our mood. It teaches us. Kids can learn in the garden, but gardening with kids affects mind body and soul

You may know how the garden can teach kids patience and how to care for a living thing, but did you also know that the garden can change how we see the world and ourselves? The microorganisms in the soil can even boost mood and help counteract depression and anxiety. I’ve seen this work in my own mental health.

kids exploring seeds in the garden

The garden can affect children’s minds by teaching them empathy, patience, a ton of sciences such as botany, entomology and so much more. The garden also affects children’s learning by providing countless math, science, and reading opportunities. You can even learn about cultures and other locations through gardening and growing different types of plants.

How gardening affects the mind of children

The garden helps kids learn to be gentler and pay closer attention to detail. They learn patience in the growing, how to handle failure and disappointment and how to take turns when doing garden tasks. Gardening affects the minds of children by showing them cause and effect. Gardening teaches kids that living things need care and attention.

There is something that happens in people’s minds when they care for a living thing. It changes us somehow. We can even see that when parenting kids. It changes how we see the world. Teaches us patience and helps us to learn to love more as we grow.

There are many cognitive benefits to gardening with kids.

How gardening with kids affects body

Kids can get a great amount of activity in the garden. Hauling supplies, digging holes, carrying heavy plants or bags of soil, picking weeds. These all teach gross or large motor skills. There are many fine motor skills that are refined in the garden as well through thinning plants, planting seeds, planting seedlings, and weeding as well.

All of these skills help develop balance, stamina, flexibility, and prewriting skills. The garden also helps kids learn self help skills and social skills for further learning. Gardening also helps build physical fitness and helps kids learn to like healthier foods as they help grow them and become more familiar with them.

kids doing garden yoga

Garden Yoga

Garden yoga is a great way to connect mind, body and spirit in the children’s garden. Being in nature improves concentration and reduces stress, two things that yoga is meant to accomplish. Garden yoga helps kids become calmer and more centered while improving flexibility and breathing.

Garden yoga for kids

Any part of your garden is a great place to do yoga with kids. All you need is a comfortable area with a little bit of padding to keep you up off the rocks or mulch. Grass would be a wonderful yoga garden area. Gardening brings much sensory stimuli with every kind of texture, color, sound, taste and wonderful smell you can imagine. This makes any garden a yoga garden.

Garden yoga for kids can be a ton of fun and even helps them use their imagination. Think of a frog pose a tree pose, a flower pose or any other garden yoga pose you can come up with. Kids can act out stories with garden yoga and just be calm and focus inward as well.

You can even do garden yoga for kids indoors as kids imagine the process of a seed growing or the life cycle of a butterfly. There are endless benefits to gardening with kids.

kids in the garden doing yoga

How gardening with kids affects soul

Yoga is a great place to start when thinking about the benefits to our soul or spirit in the garden. Gardening makes you happy and calms you. It helps you wash away the day or whatever is bothering you. The sun and the soil both improve mood and inward feelings. They are healing elements for humans. Much of nature is.

Gardening is also good for the soul because of the transformative feelings accomplishing a hard task can give. Gardening creates beauty and joy for those who garden and others around them. It’s an extremely healing and peaceful place. For me, it brings me much closer to my creator, God. The importance of gardening at home is immeasurable.

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  1. I love this!! And there are so many more benefits I can think of, too! This post could go on forever! Thanks for encouraging parents to include their kids in this wonderful activity!

  2. My son and I will be gardening together for the first time this year and I’m so excited about it! I’ve never heard of garden yoga. We love yoga so we’ll be trying that out, too!

    1. It’s so fun. The garden is so relaxing and so it yoga, it’s the perfect marriage. 🙂 I’m so excited you are going to be gardening with your son. I love it!

  3. Why have I never thought of garden yoga?!! Each of our homesteads has had a children’s garden and I completely agree that there are so many long-term benefits! From learning to work to knowing where food comes from, gardens are great classrooms.

  4. Great post! My kids are much more likely to try a vegetable that we have grown as well. An excellent benefit.

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