There’s nothing better than being able to rummage around the house to find things kids can make. I love these twig star ornaments that you can make with sticks from the yard.

Twig Star Ornaments for Kids to Make

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There’s nothing better than being able to rummage around the house to find things kids can make. I love these twig star ornaments that you can make with sticks from the yard. They are great gifts that kids can make.

Twigs, glitter, ribbon, pom poms, plastic jewels, puzzle pieces, buttons and more to make and decorate twig star ornaments that are shown as well.

I put these twig star ornaments together in just a few minutes and the kids were able to create their own masterpieces they could be proud of. I started with 5 small twigs cut from one longer twig. Then, I used hot glue to glue them in a star pattern. Next, I gathered up all of the red, white, and green collage items I could find around the house.

small twigs cut into 4-5 inch pieces and hot glued together to make a star shaped ornament

We used beads, buttons, ribbons, yarn, colored pasta, pom poms, jewels, and anything else I could get a hold of to decorate the star ornaments. I also got out the silver glitter to give them a little shimmer.

Here are more fun simple ornaments your kids can make:

Twig art

There are so many cool things you can make with just a few twigs from the yard. I think they look rustic and sweet and can be made in any size you want. I wanted them to be small enough for an ornament but large enough for kids to be able to handle easily, so I chose about 5-inch lengths for the twigs.

twigs glued together to make a star ornanament, held up in front of a table full of decorating supplies, glue, ribbon, pom poms and beads

Twig decorations

You can also use twigs to make larger decorations like this Christmas tree decoration or even wreaths, an angel tree topper, or the Christmas tree itself. Here’s a small Christmas tree made of twigs.

I love these reindeer made of large tree branches and this Christmas decoration made on a stick. You can even make this stunning Christmas chandelier for the holidays. 

Use your imagination and you’ll come up with a ton of ideas for rustic Christmas decorations for your home.

I love that the main form for these ornaments was free, but also natural. I love teaching kids about the beauty in the world around us.

Star decorations

Once the twig stars were cooled and ready to use, I gave the kids each a star and added some glue. First I gave them wrapping for the stars to choose from such as ribbons and yarn. Once they had the form wrapped as they wanted, we then added other décor such as buttons and beads.

kids at a table decorating christmas ornament twig stars with beads, buttons, pom poms and assorted things

Christmas ornament stars

The kids were able to design the stars in any way they liked. If they wanted glitter, I added some more glue and let them shake it on. Once they were completed to the kid’s satisfaction, I tied on a small red ribbon on them for hanging.

finished twig star oranaments decorated with ribbons, yarn, buttons and assorted red, white and green findings and hanging on the wall on a nail.

We used these twig star ornaments as gifts for their parents. The kids were so excited to give them. For more ideas of things kids can make for their parents, check out these Mother’s Day and Father’s Day ideas. Many of them are great for any gift-giving occasion.

For ideas on making your own homemade art supplies and saving money, check this out. You can also find more free art supplies in the yard by using pine cones for kid’s crafts.

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