50 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

50 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

Finding gifts kids can make can be a challenge sometimes. Gifts kids can make instead of the provider can sometimes be hard to find. Making gifts for parents is a fun way for parents to interact with the daycare program and it’s a fun way to teach kids to be givers. Kids LOVE making something special for mom and dad. It’s tough for providers sometimes to find gifts kids can make on their own that look like something cool that mom or dad would enjoy. 

Receiving a gift from your child that is 100% made by the provider is less memorable than getting something your child really worked hard on. I like to help my kids make their creations into something parents would think is cool, but I also like for them to be involved in it. I have compiled a great list of things that kids can make with minimal help from you that will still turn out great and parents will love. Each one is linked to a how to with all the instructions.

If you don’t have a daycare, your own kids would love to make gifts for grandparents, teachers, or other special people in their lives. Give them some supplies and let them go at it. Just click on the title to see a how to for each activity. 

Hand foot or foot print Christmas gifts kids can make

There are tons of things kids can make with their hand print or foot print. Using their hands or feet makes the gift very personal just from that child. I love keeping things like that because you can compare later and see how much that hand or foot has grown. I love to watch kids be so excited to present their parents with what they made.

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Ornaments kids can make for Christmas gifts

Ornaments are a wonderful gift for parents because they can be cherished and re visited every year. I LOVE getting out ornaments my 24-year-old daughter made throughout her life. They also don’t take a whole lot of room to store, so you can easily keep them forever.





Holiday gifts kids can make with photos

Kids can make some really cool gifts out of photo of themselves. I also LOVE getting photo gifts. They are treasured memories


More Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make


Gather up your kids and put out some things to help them make a great gift for their parents. If you don’t have a daycare, your kids will love to make things for loved ones, this is a great idea for you as well. 

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50 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make


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  1. Penny says:

    I’m a little late to the party but this is a great list. Keeping it for this years Christmas ideas. Never to early to start planning for Christmas, right?

  2. What a wonderful list of ideas for kids! Love! Thanks for including our edible ornaments. We had so much fun making them!

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