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Homemade Art Supplies for Daycare

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Art supplies can get expensive but making your own homemade art supplies can not only save you money but can also help you when you are in a pinch. It’s also a lot easier than you may think and they can be used in a variety of ways running a home daycare.

homemade chalk, playdough, paper, and colored pasta for art with kids in daycare

Daycare Art Supplies

Making your own art supplies can come in handy when you want to spend less on supplies, if you forget to grab some at the store, or if you want to create your own reusable supplies at home.

These homemade art supplies are easy to make. They also don’t require too many supplies so you can easily make them when you need them.

Art Supplies for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Arts and crafts help children express their creativity, problem solve, hone fine motor skills, and have fun. A priceless way to create memories, strengthen bonds, and have lots of interesting conversations over sticky fingers, glittery messes, and unique creations. Creativity rocks! And having free use art materials on hand is imperative to develop it.

Did you know that art is not introduced in schools in my state until 5th grade? Did you also know that creativity is developed in children by age 8? So what are we missing here. Having art supplies for toddlers and preschoolers in daycare is super important.

But art supplies can be expensive. You can save a bundle by making them with what you have on hand. I’m going to be sharing some of our favorite products that you can make for daycare!

These products that I have listed are just some of our basic staples to get you started on some DIY fun. These products are perfect if you’re needing a quick activity for your kids that won’t break the bank and they are great gifts to give too! Click on the links to get the recipes and get ready to create!

Homemade Shrinky Dinks

You can make your own shrinky dinks at home with used takeout containers. Check out what kind of plastics work and how to do it here.

unicorn and owl homemade shrinky dink necklaces hanging on board

Art Recipes

Homemade kinetic sand

This homemade kinetic sand recipe is simple and inexpensive and will provide hours of fun, fine motor skill building, and sensory stimulation for your kids.

Gingerbread Houses

At Christmas time you can make your own gingerbread to decorate, find out here.

Bags filled with premade gingerbread houses and frosting glue for families to decorate at home

Green Tea Playdough

Another great sensory activity is this DIY green tea playdough you can make with your kids. It smells great, it feels great, it strengthens fine motor skills too! Check out all these sensory activity ideas for daycare too.

diy green tea playdough on a mat

Slow Cooker Homemade Playdough

So easy to make, this playdough is made in the slow cooker and does not require any cream of tartar.

homemade crockpot playdough in piles stacked up on a board with rolling pins

DIY Finger Paint

Finger painting is a huge hit when it comes to young children and the kids will love using this homemade finger paint.

three adults making homemade finger paints at a counter

Pumpkin Stamps

Make your own stamps with pumpkins, potatoes, or apples for kids to do stamp art.

kids around a table with stamp pads and pumpkin stamps stamping them on paper.

Colorful Pasta

Pasta can be used in a variety of different ways and if you are working to make some creative art, this colorful pasta is easy to make.

homemade bright, colorful pasta in a tray dyed for art projects for kids

DIY Paper

Make your own paper at home for your art activities with this easy-to-follow make your own paper tutorial.

homemade paper for kids art projects

Paper Sculptures

Make these paper sculptures and use them in a variety of different activities and lessons.

homemade paper shapes for building and designing art projects for daycare

Fruity Scented Playdough

An easy 2 ingredient playdough recipe that has a fruity scent to it. The kids will love working on their projects with this fun playdough.

piles of homemade scented playdough stacked up on a board

DIY Chalk

No need to go out and buy chalk, you can easily make it at home so that you have it on hand. You can make colored chalk for even more fun.

bright sticks of homemade chalk and a drawing on the sidewalk for an easy art project for kids in daycare

Play Art Tiles

Get creative with your homemade supplies and create these tiles. After they are finished, the kids can use them in different activities or games.

homemade art tiles for kids art projects

Homemade Paint

Make your own paint at home using colorful natural items so that the kids can create their own fun painting projects.

homemade paint made from nature in small cups with a child painting a painting with a brush

Colored Rice

Colored rice is perfect for sensory play, and you can easily make your own colorful rice at home with this tutorial.

homemade colored rice for kids to use to make art lined up in red, white, and blue colros with a sifter and spoon

Moon Dough

Similar to playdough and sand put together, this moon dough is easy to make and can be used for a variety of different learning activities.

blue and purple moon dough pressed on a board with the words moon and dough pressed in with cutters

Colorful Chickpeas

Fill the sensory bins with these colored chickpeas. You can easily make these at home and have them on hand when you need them.

brightly colored chickpeas in lines in a tote, homemade art supplies

Twig Art

You can also find art supplies even in your yard, like the ones we used to make these twig star ornaments.

twigs glued together to make a star ornanament, held up in front of a table full of decorating supplies, glue, ribbon, pom poms and beads

These homemade art supplies are going to help you keep your art shelf stocked and many of them can be used in tons of different activities too! Check out these home daycare set ups for ideas on how to store your art supplies too! You are going to have so much fun!

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