Every year at Christmas time, all of us who work with kids are desperate to find an idea for Christmas gifts for parents.

Kid Made Christmas Gifts for Parents

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Every year at Christmas time, all of us who work with kids are desperate to find an idea for kid made Christmas gifts for parents. For unique gift ideas for everyone on your list, check this out. 

kid made christmas gifts for parents

We need easy and inexpensive ideas for gifts that our kids can make for their parents. We don’t want the overdone, redone, tired ideas. We want things parents will really enjoy or use and things that won’t break the bank with supplies needed.

Also, it needs to be easy enough for the kids to make it mostly on their own. Our parents don’t want another gift we made.

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Home daycare providers juggle it all. We are the housekeeper, the teacher, the cook, the janitor, and everything else for our kids. And sometimes making Christmas gifts for parents with our kids can seem like a daunting task. We have these same struggles for Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts that kids can make.

So, having a great list of ideas for kid-made Christmas gifts is a total blessing. Look through these ideas and come up with a solution for this year’s dilemma!

Gifts for parents

Christmas gifts for parents that they can use are great. They can enjoy using them with their kids and make even more memories. We make recipes every year and compile them into a family cookbook with pictures of the kids making the recipes. Click here to see how you can make a cookbook with your daycare kids for a parent gift.

Shutterfly cookbook for kids

Other ideas we’ve made for Christmas gifts for parents to use are helping the kids make:

whipped body butter in a mason jar

Here are some other ideas for Christmas gifts for parents to use.

You can make these fun bath bombs. Kids love to pour and mix so they can really help make these and you can put them in cute packages. Another pampering gift is herbal bath soaks. Kids would be able to make these almost totally on their own. 

With only 3 simple ingredients, little ones can make these all-natural lotion bars.

Peppermint Oreo Bark recipe is always a treat. It only requires 3 ingredients and is quick and simple for kids to make.

Gift ideas for parents

The other cool thing to make for Christmas gifts for parents is keepsake gifts. I love to make ornaments with kids because this is something that can be put up but enjoyed every year. Keepsake ornaments are some of my favorite things to receive. I have been given many over the years by my daughter and my daycare families and they are all a priceless treasures to me.

We have made these twig ornaments that I glued together for kids and then gave them fun add-ons to put on them. And we have made many of these glass ornament ideas for keepsake Christmas gifts for parents. And don’t forget these cute Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments. Or these Pom pom Christmas tree ornaments.

finished twig star oranaments decorated with ribbons, yarn, buttons and assorted red, white and green findings and hanging on the wall on a nail.

Another nice keepsake is a set of magnets like these. You can make some for mom and some for dad. They will love them for home or work. 

These block crafts would make super cute Christmas decorations that parents would love to receive. I think kids could do a large part of them on their own as well. 

Treasure their fingerprints with a personalized clay Christmas decoration. These DIY photo ornaments are perfect for kids of all ages. For your younger kids, you can help them cut out the patterns and then let them put them together, while older kids can do the whole craft on their own. Patterns included.

This fun pinecone Rudolph ornament is a great idea to do with kids too. They can make it totally on their own. 

These nail varnish coasters are gorgeous and kids would love making them. 

These adorable mouse ornaments made of candy canes would be fun for the kids to make too. You’d just cut out the pieces of felt and then show them how to assemble them. They could even hang on the Christmas tree by the mouse tail. 

Christmas gifts for parents

These rice look and find ornaments are adorable on the tree. Those would be fun to give and fun to play with during the season. 

This adorable thumbprint reindeer ornament is a winner too! The snowman handprint ornament is also super cute. 

A favorite gift for parents is these leaning snowmen that are the size of the child. You can make them in Christmas trees, and Santas too. Click the highlighted link to see how to make them. 

Share the post to help other home daycare providers and teachers and please take pictures of what you make and share them in the comments. We love to hear from our readers and see what cool things they are doing.

Save this post and use it year after year for fun ideas for things to make for Christmas gifts for parents from their kids. You can use it for many times throughout the school year. There are ideas that can be used for many occasions.

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