Crayon drawing of mom and daughter that says I love mom with crayons on the table

35 Mother’s Day Gifts Preschoolers Can Make

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Kids love making Mother’s Day gifts for mom. Sometimes as educators, it’s hard to think of ideas that that mom would love to get. Here are some ideas. It’s great to celebrate holidays and special days in daycare with kids.

mom and daughter smiling together and flowers

I always love getting homemade Mother’s Day gifts from my daughter. Even now, at 25, she still makes wonderful gifts that I love.

For ideas for Father’s day that kids can make, click here. 

One of the best things she ever made me for Mother’s day was in 2nd grade in Mrs. Roach’s class.

recipe of love mother's day gift using a plastic fork, a small cup, some plaster of paris and some fabric

A recipe of love

  1. A cup of love
  2. Kisses each day
  3. Special I love yous
  4. A mom whose great

They set the fork in a dixie cup full of plaster of paris. Next, they wrapped the cups in a square of fabric. They wrote out the recipe and added their photo. Then put it in the fork to hold it up. I’ve cherished this for 18 years. What a great mother’s day gift idea!

This handprint keychain makes a great keepsake for mom!

shrinky dink handprint keychains for mother's day on the table

For a super easy gift to make for mom with a child’s footprint, check out this Butterfly Kisses Card for Mom.

Butterfly Kisses for Mom Mother's Day Card template mock up with paper butterflies around it on the table
 Painted Rocks in the Garden

Moms love to be pampered, get pretty jewelry, have yummy treats to eat and so much more. Get creative and think of something fun for your kids to make for their moms for Mother’s day gifts from preschoolers this year!

Kids can make:

Mother’s day crafts preschoolers can make

  • Simple bracelets for mom These bracelets made from paper towel tubes are cute and don’t cost a ton to make. A few stickers or other gluables and you have a fun mother day gifts preschoolers can make.
  • Handprint lilies I love these dainty, pretty flowers from The Gingerbread House blog. I’m going to make them with my kids this year.
  • Pinecone 3-D Mother’s Day card These adorable pine cone flower cards are sure to please mom. I love flowers and I love getting flowers made by kids.
  • DIY Mom necklace Rhythms of play has these awesome necklaces you can make with some beads you might already have. I think they would make great mother day gifts preschoolers can make.
  • Shrinky Dink Keychain Shrinky dink keychains are so fun, I love these that are made of a child’s drawing.

*Note: You can get free plastic that will shrink into shrinky dinks if you have a takeout container that is number 6 plastic! We have done it and it works!

  • Coffee sugar scrub Mom would love to pamper herself with this coffee sugar scrub. I bet it smells amazing! It would make a great Mother’s day gifts from preschoolers. I’d love to get it!
  • Garden stepping stones Garden art is one of my favorite things. I’d love to make some stepping stones for my mom!
Kids love making Mother’s Day gifts for mom. Sometimes as educators, it’s hard to think of ideas that that mom would love to get. Here are some ideas.

Mother’s day crafts for toddlers

Mother’s day crafts for daycare

  • Handprint frame This handprint frame post comes with the salt dough recipe you need to make it. Super cute gift for mom and once you mix up the dough, it’s easy to help all your daycare kids make one. Perfect Mother’s day crafts for daycare kids to make.
  • Easy stone pendant I love these pendants, so elegant and pretty.

Easy Mother’s day crafts

  • Heart scribble mug Mom loves coffee and tea, so these mugs would make a wonderful gift for mother’s day that any mom is sure to love.
  • Painted cutting board You can decorate a cutting board for mom.
  • Stamped clay bowl Another idea for a pretty bowl mom will love to keep her things in.
  • Oven bake pinch pots These simple pinch pots are simple, but not short on cuteness.
  • Footprint butterfly flowerpot Mom is sure to love this butterfly flower pot. So cute!
  • Bath bombs
  • Sunflower clay bowl This is adorabowl for mom to keep her pocket change, keys or whatnots in.
  • Check out this Mother’s day printable questionnaire you can use too! Download and print it for free today!

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