I love process art for kids. I love easy projects with stuff I already have. This paint with marbles activity was simple, not as messy as regular painting and fun!

How to Paint with Marbles with Kids

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I love process art for kids. I love easy projects with stuff I already have. This paint with marbles activity was simple, not as messy as regular painting and fun! It’s a great way to paint for kids.

child rolling a marble through paint by moving a box around and painting on a paper

I love to do messy play outside to minimize clean up for me. I also love that this painting project kept the kid’s hands and clothes clean. There are some really good benefits to finger painting and messy play, but my nerves are short for paint, so I try to blend a variety of mess levels to keep myself sane!

Kids can paint with brushes, fingers, sticks, q tips, sponges, popsicle sticks, whatever you have around. I loved this idea because I already had an old box and I always have paper and paint.

Marble Painting for Kids

Process art rather than crafts that expect a certain product, in the end, is so good for kids. It’s good for self-esteem, developing creativity (which kids don’t get much of in school early enough), and motor skills.

You can use any type of paint that you have. I love Colorations paints. I love how they dry, love how creamy they feel and love the colors. Check them out sometime. I even found them on Amazon.

Marble painting for preschoolers

What you need to paint with marbles with kids:

  • A medium-sized box
  • Paper that fits in the bottom (we used regular construction paper)
  • Thick paint (we used colorations)
  • Marbles
  • How to set up the activity:
  • Tuck the top flaps of the box inside
  • Place a sheet of paper in the bottom
  • Squirt paint in several places on the paper
  • Drop in several marbles
  • Let the child go at it

As the child moves the box around, the marbles roll through the paint and onto the paper making fun designs. The more they move and shake the box around; the more painting happens. Paint with marbles activity is a great rowdy art activity for toddlers and preschoolers (or any kids).

Painting with marbles

Kids can mix colors and learn more science ideas such as what colors make what other colors when mixed, cause and effect, inertia and so much more! Once the child is finished painting their paper, you can remove it to dry and add another sheet of paper for the next person. I brought out some tongs to move the marbles and wipes to clean off stray paint that got on hands. My kids had tons of fun doing this.

Questions to ask preschoolers about the paint with marbles project could be, what colors did you make when you mixed those together? How many lines did you make? What did you learn from painting with marbles?

This marble artwork project is inexpensive, you can get a bag of marbles at the dollar store, and you probably have all the stuff around to make it work. We had the marbles in our art supplies already. We didn’t even have to use smocks because the kids just hold onto the box and not the paint itself. I know messy art is good for kids, but this was a nice way to paint without so much mess.

Check out shaving cream paint for another process art idea for kids or throw an art party with all these ideas! 

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