Ever wake up with a stuffy nose or too tired to get moving? These shower vapor tablets are just what you need to get your sinuses opened up and your brain on wake-up time. Find out more.

Shower Vapor Tablets

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Ever wake up with stuffy nose or super sleepy? These shower vapor tablets are just what you need to get you opened up and awake! They are a great homemade body product that will improve the quality of your life.

shower vapor tablets and the ingredients to make them.

DIY body products

There are so many great products you can make yourself. I love making my own bug spray and bug bite sticks to help deal with mosquitoes in summer. When I work a hard day in the garden, I use this pain relieving cream on my back and legs and my healing salve on my wounds. This lip balm helps keep my lips from getting chapped out there too. Best lip chap I’ve ever used.

I love making my own luffa soaps and toothpaste and I’m even going to try making my own deodorant. All of these products are far less toxic for my body than store bought products that I’ve been using and I love knowing it’s safer for my health and my family’s health. It’s not as hard as you might think to ditch and switch to natural products. Check out the recipes and make your own too!

DIY Shower soothers

I love how you can use the energy of the vapor of your shower water to open up your breathing in the morning and start your day off fresh. These shower soothers just have a few simple ingredients but they will start your day off in a fabulous way.

And don’t forget, it’s amazing the difference in a shower when you filter the chlorine out of the water! It’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself!

When looking for a way to make a shower melt, I found a lot of recipes that contained corn starch or other things that I didn’t feel comfortable with putting in my drain. We have had a lot of plumbing problems in our house and corn starch sounds like a problem waiting to happen.

I tried this combination of just Epsom salts which are great for your skin and baking soda which is great for your drain. I wasn’t sure if they would stick together but they do great. They don’t melt like shower melts because of the ingredients I chose, but they work great.

When you get in the shower, just drop a shower vapor tablet on the shower floor near the drain. Turn on your shower water and let the tablet get moist. Get started on your shower while you wait. Once you’ve been in the shower a few minutes, just step on the shower vapor tablet and it will crumble and start to dissipate in your water releasing the essential oils to do their wonderful job.

Shower vapor tablets in mason jar

Essential oils have a ton of great uses that can improve how you feel. I hate when I wake up with a stuffed-up nose or a sinus headache. Having a lot of allergies, I do often. I use breathe essential oil from do terra to help open up my sinuses and I wouldn’t ever want to live without it.

Breathe is a combination oil with several different oils like eucalyptus that help soothe sinus problems. Using a shower vapor tablet can help you get your breathe while you’re getting ready for work and washing up.

ingredients for shower vapor tablets, essential oil, baking soda, epsom salts

Vapor shower

You can make your shower vapor tablets in silicone molds. I found it even easier to use ice cube trays. They are sturdy and easy to pack into while holding their shape. They also hold the perfect amount of ingredients and when they are dry, you just crack the tray like it has ice in it and the shower vapor tablets pop right out. Easy peasy.

silicon molds and ice cube trays for shower vapor tablets
  • 1 ½ C. baking soda
  • 2 T. water
  • 1 C. Epsom salts
  • 30-50 drops breathe essential oil from do Terra
  • Mix baking soda and Epsom salts well.
  • Sprinkle water and essential oil over the surface of the mixture stirring while you’re doing it.
  • This is the most important part of making the shower vapor tablets: Mix them SUPER WELL. Once you think you have them mixed, mix some more. If you don’t, you’ll have some that have the effect you want and some that have nothing.
  • Mix by scrubbing the mixture between your hands. It will be like wet sand.
Mixing shower vapor tablets, squeezing together
  • Once you think it’s thoroughly mixed, take small handfuls and pack it into your silicone molds or ice cube trays. Pack them as hard as you can. I used a wooden pie dough stamper to get down into the containers and pack them super tight.
Tamping down shower vapor tablets in silicon molds
  • Let the molds sit, undisturbed for 24-48 hours. Then pop them out and store them in a mason jar or other air tight container. You’re going to love your showers!
Shower vapor tablets in mason jar

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