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How to Ditch and Switch to Natural Products Easily

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After becoming a mom, I wanted better products in my home to protect my family and my daycare kids too. Making the ditch and switch to natural products is not as easy as I thought. For lots of natural products you can make yourself, check this out. And for more ideas on how to make the switch, keep reading.

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Switch to Natural Products

Sometimes switching your products to natural ones seems so overwhelming, and it becomes hard to know where to start. Here are a few tips on how to easily ditch harmful products for natural ones.

Yes, there are safe, all-natural products that are great for families with children. You will have to do your research, but many small companies will create organic, healthier options for many products.

The only way to truly know if something is all-natural is by reading the ingredients list. This may seem like a tedious task, but you cannot know for sure unless you read it thoroughly. Many companies claim they only use clean ingredients but still have harmful chemicals when reading the list of things inside their product.

Greenwashing is when a company will state they are “all-natural,” “safe,” or “holistic,” but they still use harmful chemicals. Many companies nowadays will try to trick you or use sneaky language around natural ingredients. The only way to know for sure is by reading and learning about each ingredient on their list.

Ditching and switching is one of the easiest ways to have a chemical-free home. It will take time, but it is possible as long as you are willing to try!

Because I know how overwhelming this process can become, here are 8 tips for helping you begin your journey to ditch and switch to natural products!

Start slowly. As soon as I heard about all the chemicals in the products I use and the potential harms, I wanted to throw everything out immediately! However, that is not feasible for most people. If you think you have to do it all at once, you will never start.

Instead, start slow. Take your time. This is a journey, not a one-time thing. Take as long as you need. Maybe it means you just do one product at a time over a few years. Do what works best for your family.

Research. This entire process is a lot easier after you have researched and better understand what ingredients are good and which ones you need out of your home. Start by learning as much as you possibly can!

Make a list of ingredients you do not want in your products on your phone. That way, when you are at the store, it is a lot easier to remember and refer back to when you need it.

Try to only do one area of your home at a time. This helps you see more clearly what needs to be done and how to easily tackle it, one step at a time. You get to determine what “one area” means to you.

If going by room is still too big and overwhelming, break it down even further. Maybe it is all oral products first, then hair products, then skin products, rather than one bathroom at a time. Find an area that seems reasonable and within your means to accomplish at a time.

Creating a list is probably one of the best ways to keep track and know exactly what you need to switch. Go through your entire house and list everything you see. Make sure to look around your home when you create your list because you might forget things!

Once you have your list, create a calendar for when you want to switch each product. For some, this is done a week at a time, while others do it in months. Remember, it is not a competition, just do what is possible for your situation! Even if it is one product a year, you are doing great and are making a difference for your family.

It becomes really difficult when you see each ingredient you need to avoid. There are countless ones I cannot pronounce, let alone remember. This is usually what gives most people a headache, which is why they don’t even try.

To make this process easier, just switch out one ingredient at a time. One of the most common chemicals to avoid is “fragrances” or “parfums.” Go through your products and switch out any that use that ingredient first. Then, once you have finished that for your entire house, focus on another ingredient.

Just because you know it can be harmful to you, it doesn’t mean you have to throw it out and go buy a new product right away. If you go by this method, it will get very expensive quickly! Instead, finish what you have first, and then switch to an all-natural one.

This is the best budget-friendly way to ditch and switch your home. Do what is within your means. There is no reason you have to throw away a full shampoo that you just bought. Use it and do better next time!

Once you learn about the impact some ingredients can have on your body, it is easy to switch to the “all-or-nothing mentality” immediately. But, that is not the case for a lot of families and might not work for you either.

This usually leads to burnout because it is very difficult to find true, safe, all-natural products for every single thing in your home. I’m not saying it is impossible, but it will take some time, even years!

Go at your own pace, and know if you have to keep a few products that you’d rather not, you are still making a huge impact for your family by the progress you have made. Every little bit counts!

Remember, everyone will have a different journey than you. Some can do this process quickly, while others take more time. The ditch and switch process is a journey for each family. Use these eight tips to help you get started switching to natural products today!

If you are on a low budget, learn how to make your own products. You will know exactly what ingredients are in your products, so you will know they are safe for your family, and it can also be quite fun!

A lot of products use common household ingredients. Try to see if you have all the ingredients to make your own bathroom cleaner before going out and buying one. This can save you a lot of time and money too! We just use vinegar to clean almost everything. It’s dirt cheap, a great disinfectant, and it’s super effective.

home grown luffas

Natural Loofah

A great way to cut back on plastics in your home and go a more natural route is to use natural loofahs. You can even grow luffas in your yard. And you can make natural luffa soap! Try it out, I don’t think you will find anything you like better. We love using natural luffas for tons of different uses.

Natural Mosquito Repellant

Who doesn’t get bugged by mosquitoes? I mean, they are relentless! But you can repel them safely and easily with this homemade mosquito repellant!

When you see how well this works, it will make your switch to natural products that much easier! And the store-bought bug spray is so dangerous, especially for kids!

homemade lip balms

Natural Lip Balm

We love making lip balms. It’s such a fun project. But knowing what’s in what we put on our bodies makes it even better! This natural lip balm made with lavender and lanolin is our favorite go-to lip balm. It keeps your lips moist like nothing store-bought could ever do!

For more natural products to make yourself, check these out:

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