I love using loofah sponges in the shower and I want mine to last as long as possible. If you take a few steps to care for your luffa, it will last a long time.

How to Maintain and Sanitize Loofah Sponges

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I love using loofah sponges and I want mine to last as long as possible. If you take a few steps to care for, maintain, and sanitize loofah sponges, they will last a long time.

How to maintain and sanitize loofah sponges

Do you have a loofah you love to exfoliate with in the shower? These natural sponges make wonderful washcloths and you can actually grow your own.

There are a ton of other uses for loofahs besides showering, you can click on the previously highlighted text to check some of them out.

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How to clean a loofah

Your loofah is a great tool to get clean but also to remove unwanted dead skin that builds up on the surface of your face and body. Just scrub gently in circles across the skin to remove them. After I exfoliate with my loofah sponges, I feel light and super clean.

Pile of luffas in a sink


Reusing the same luffa in the shower may seem unsanitary, but there are things you can do to keep it sanitized and if you take care of it, you can maintain it in a way that helps it last a really long time.

Rinse your loofah-After every use, rinse your loofah well to make sure there is no soap remaining in the sponge.

Keep dry-Make sure you store your luffa in a place where it can dry out. Leaving it on the surface of your tub will cause it to remain moist and that can harbor bacteria. I like to string my sponges on a shoelace and tie a knot in the end. Then I can hang my luffa up with my razor and it stays dry in the shower.

Disinfect-Disinfect your luffa regularly to keep it from harboring any bacteria that may be harmful to your skin. Some people recommend disinfecting it weekly.

Loofah sponges with shoe lace threaded through middle to hang.

Disinfect loofah sponge

There are several ways you can kill germs on the surface of your loofah sponge. You can run it through the washing machine to clean it. Do not put it in the dryer. That will cause it to harden.

Soaking the luffa in bleach will kill germs. This will also make the luffa deteriorate faster, so I don’t recommend this method, but if you’re into that, go ahead. I don’t want to be rubbing bleach residue on my face, personally.

Essential oils can disinfect loofah sponges. Set the luffa in a bowl of water with a few drops of tea tree oil in it and let it soak for a few minutes. When you take it out, rinse and hang to dry normally.

Don’t put loofahs in the microwave. This will kill germs on the surface of the luffa but it also causes the fibers to harden so it is no longer good to use.

When to replace your loofah sponges

Discard your luffa if it has a sour or dusky smell. Also, if you see mold on the surface of the luffa, it’s time to discard the loofah and replace it with a new one.

Once you know how to clean a loofah, you will love using it to clean yourself and your home. It comes in super handy for so many cleaning jobs.

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How to maintain and sanitize loofah sponges

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