lavender bath salts in jars on a table

How to Make Calming Lavender Bath Salts

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Who else is desperate for some calm? You are going to love this lavender bath salts recipe! This homemade bath salt blend is an easy DIY that takes just minutes to make. It’s easy and fun to make your own natural body products.

lavender bath salts on a table, one jar upright and one spilling out with plants next to them

These lavender bath salts are a great way to use lavender that you grew or bought.

Create this easy DIY to gift, or to provide yourself with a luxurious, wonderfully scented bath experience. You’re going to love how great you feel after you soak in this. It’s a game changer. It’s not as hard as you might think to ditch and switch to natural products. Don’t forget to always take care of yourself so you can take care of others!

How to Use Lavender Plant

Lavender has so many wonderful uses both culinary and medicinal. But the best thing about it is it’s calming effect. It will help take the edge off of your stress level. I use lavender essential oil on my feet every night to help me fall asleep. I also love to cook with it.

It’s good for a multitude of things. It’s healing and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It’s great to use in body products. You can use the buds or the essential oils to make things that will make your life better.

honey lavender cake on a plate with a daffodil and a half a lemon. The cake is drizzled with glaze

Check out these ideas to use lavender:

lavender with flowers in the garden

Lavender Bath Salts Benefits

The magnesium in Epsom salts helps to calm the body and relieve tension. It helps with sore muscles, stress, cramps, and other pain in the body. Warm water in the bath enhances these benefits. And the lavender tops it off with even more relaxing benefits.

Lavender helps you be mindful. It heals the skin and detoxes it as well. It reduces inflammation and calms the skin as well as moisturizes it. Lavender is also safe for use with kids. (Just remember to check for sensitivity and use sparingly, you can overdo anything)

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Aromatherapy is a powerful practice. There are amazing benefits to using fragrances to improve life. Check out all the different oils that can be used and how they help.

You can dry your own lavender flowers from your garden. Just make sure to get the buds as soon as they come on and don’t let the flowers open for the best results. Once the flowers open, they lose a lot of their oils which reduces the potency. If you want to buy lavender buds, check this out.

We love using lavender in teas and infused waters as well. Once you start using it, you’re going to be in love with all the different ways lavender can improve your life.

lavender bath salts in jars, one spilling out and one sitting up

Containers for Bath Salts

Bath salts can be stored in any air tight container. I love cute little mason jars like these. Or these kind of fun tubs. And I love these jars with the clamp lids! Tie a ribbon around and you have a really pretty gift to give or product to look at when you use it. I think packaging is so important for making something feel really special. Of course they could fit in just about any container.

When you are getting your supplies, make sure you use really pure essential oils. The only brand I buy is Do Terra. The last thing I need is additives in my body products. That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

lavender buds in a bowl with Epsom salts and a spoon
lavender bath salts in jars, one spilling out and one sitting up
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Calming Lavender Bath Salts

Calming bath salts scented with lavender and mixed with gorgeous lavender buds to relax your body and your mind.
Prep Time0 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Servings: 8 ounces
Author: Christina


  • ¾ cup epsom salts
  • ¼ cup dried lavender buds
  • 20 drops lavender essential oil


  • Add epsom salts and essential oil to a bowl and stir well.
  • Add lavender buds and stir to combine.
  • Store in a jar or airtight container.
  • Shake or stir before each use, as the epsom salts will tend to sink.

Also try Vanilla bean soap with Ylang Ylang for relaxing power! Or these Fizzy Herbal Bath Bombs too.

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