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Healthy Homemade Body Oil

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Buying body oil can be expensive and the ingredients questionable. This healthy homemade body oil will moisturize your skin, leave you smelling great, and save you money while you feel good about what you’re using. I love making natural body products for this very reason.

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Doing the ditch and switch to natural products is not as hard as it sounds. Just do one thing at a time. And your moisturizer is a great place to start because it’s intention is to absorb into your skin.

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Make your own body oil

If you’ve been shopping lately for body oils then you know sometimes it is virtually impossible to find what you want. Many of the lotions and oils I’ve looked at in most retail stores have ingredients that are questionable at best.

The ones I have found with contents I trust cost too much money. Then, there are some scents I love that I simply cannot find. My solution to this problem is to make my scented oils.

Making my own oils allows me the freedom to choose the scents I love while feeling good about where the ingredients come from. If that weren’t enough, I can keep my costs down so that it doesn’t cost much at all.

Homemade body oils are a wonderful and all-natural way to combat body odor. They are made with carrier oils, which are as skin-lovingly special as Jojoba and Calendula Oil, in which potent plant essences are blended. Such oils combat body odor by not only smelling great but also by virtue of their healthful benefits for the skin.

These wonderful organic substances not only have powerful odor-fighting abilities, but nothing smells more heavenly than these amazing gifts of nature, from delicate flowers that conjure up the springtime to the smells of a walk through tranquil woods, to the fresh, bright, happy moment of peeling open a fresh lemon or juicy orange, or the aromatic satisfaction of picking fresh herbs from the garden. With glorious gifts like these, who needs synthetic wannabes?

There are many plant essences that have excellent deodorant properties, by which their molecules actually chemically interact with offensive odor molecules and neutralize them, as opposed to simply masking them with harmful synthetic molecules that the body cannot assimilate and eliminate properly.

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Many plant essences are potent antibacterial and antiseptic agents, which help to inhibit odors that arise after the integumentary system has worked to eliminate toxins as well as to cool the body by means of the sweat glands. And another way that some plant essences can help to fight body odors is by regulating the overproduction of the sweat glands, through their astringent and toning properties.

For deodorizing body oils, the object is not to prohibit the healthful sweating process, as an underarm antiperspirant does, which generally involves aluminum powder to be truly effective, nor to try to deodorize the area under the armpits, for which absorbent powders work best.

The idea is rather to put small amounts of several of those deodorizing, antibacterial, antiseptic, and/or astringent and toning essences on a much larger area of skin to fight less concentrated odors that emanate from elsewhere on the body.

The skin is not merely a covering for our bodies, it is a complex body system known as the integumentary system that takes in oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide and other wastes, helps to regulate body temperature, keeps us attuned to the world through constant sensory information gathering, and it is strong enough to hold us together.

If it is healthy, we will not only look better but also naturally smell better. And those plant molecules are perfect for our skin because they are small enough to pass through our pores and be healthfully assimilated, stimulating new cell growth as they go, cleansing not only the skin but also helping the lymph and circulatory systems, and additionally, aiding in the overall health with their life-enhancing scents.

Many plant essences are excellent for the skin, particularly flower essences, due in large part to their antibacterial and antiseptic properties as well as their anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, or sebum-balancing abilities. There are many choices. The process of deciding which to use is further complicated by the fact that natural medicines work best in a synergistic blending of several substances.

This means that to create an effective as well as pleasant, healthful, and lasting body oil to be used every day, there are yet more factors to consider, such as evaporation rates and concentrations of the essences, the art of the perfumer. But with a little guidance on creating balanced blends, and a bit of experimentation with which scents appeal to you, an excellent all-day deodorizing, moisturizing, and uplifting body oil can be crafted that you will love to wear.

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Your body oil will be best applied just after bathing when your moist skin will readily absorb it. A little goes a long way, so pour a few drops of your body oil into your palm, rub it between your hands to warm it up for maximum absorption, and apply it to any area of your body that you would like to soften and scent.

Repeat until your entire body feels soft and rejuvenated. A good blend will not be overpowering, and the essences will actually help to clear up the blockages and imbalances that are causing skin problems.

My favorite body oil blend

  • Begin with a very clean 4-ounce container, glass is best, but sometimes I recycle plastic bottles that once held other oils.
  • Gather all the ingredients together, and then measure the essences into the bottle first, to blend them together.
  • 20 drops of Lavender as a gentle, cleansing, middle note
  • 8 drops of flowery Geranium to bring the blend together
  • 2 drops of the concentrated anti-inflammatory, Chamomile
  • 2 teaspoons of Jojoba Oil-luxurious and antioxidant
  • 3 tablespoons of calendula oil which is very healing to the skin
  • Fill the rest of the bottle up with olive oil from your kitchen
  • Label the container

The result is an oil that smells great, makes my skin feel incredibly soft, and keeps body odor at bay, without being overwhelming or offensively aggressive.

The task of learning about plant essences is a joyful one, as these substances prove to enhance our lives in many different and often surprising ways. One of the most surprising is the personal satisfaction of creating something so pleasurable yet sensible, healthy, all-natural, and even economical, as a lovely body oil that can be very distinctive as well as effective.

Essential oils for sore muscles

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