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Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

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I love free and cheap craft supplies so picking up pine cones for kids to use is my price range. These pine cone crafts for kids will make a great activity for your home daycare.

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Gather a few pine cones in all shapes and sizes and set them out to start working on any of the kid-friendly pine cone crafts below. For more ideas of things you can do with stuff you find in the yard, check this out:

Twig star Christmas ornaments

letters spelling craft surrounded with yarn

How to prepare pine cones for crafts

You don’t want any creepy crawlies coming out of your pine cones. So you’ll want to clean them before you get ready to use them with the kids.

Before you begin, remove any visible dirt, grass, pine needles, or leaves you can see. Give them a quick rinse.

  • Fill a bowl halfway with water and add a cup or so of vinegar.
  • Add pinecones and soak them for 20 minutes. This will help clean dirt off and begin to get rid of any bugs inside them too. The pine cones will close up as they get wet, so don’t panic. This is normal.
  • Next, take the pinecones out of the water and rinse them well in a strainer.
  • Drain off any excess water.
  • Place the pine cones on a foil-lined baking sheet in a 200-degree F oven.
  • Then you can either 1. Bake the pine cones at 200 degrees for 2+ hours, turning them every 30 minutes, until they are fully dry and opened up. (Keep an eye on them because you don’t want them to burn or become brittle.) or 2. Place them on the pan on paper towels and let them air dry for 2-3 days until they are fully open and dried out.

NOTE: They give off a woodsy smell as they bake. It’s not the worst smell ever, and it goes away quickly when you’re done.

cute little pinecone creatures

Crafts kids can make with pinecones

This adorable pinecone snowy owl craft is so cute and sweet. I love the snow they added to it. It makes it even more magical.

And this is the perfect way to make a turkey! Everyone needs a pinecone turkey for thanksgiving!

You can also make a really cute pinecone swan as well!

For more homemade art supplies for daycare, check out these ideas.

Making and easy and eco-friendly bird feeder is another great pinecone craft idea.

Or what about a pine cone Christmas tree like this one? They are already the perfect shape.

Pinecones make an adorable flower shape. Check out how to make pinecone zinnias here.

If you have a few acorns, you can use them to make these pine cone fairies. So cute!

Painting pinecones is a great activity for fine motor development and creativity.

And you can actually paint with pinecones like in this pine cone painted fall tree activity. I love the texture that it makes as a paint “brush”.

One of my favorite memories of winter and Christmas is making pine cone crafts and making pine cone Christmas decorations, like these DIY glitter pinecones.

For more Christmas ideas, you can make this Rudolph pinecone craft for your Christmas decor.

This adorable pine cone Christmas gnome is just too cute! I love it!

This cute little pinecone snowman is so fun to make and simple too without too many complicated materials needed.

This pinecone mouse is totes adorbs! Your kids are gonna wanna make a ton of them.

The great thing about pine cone art is you probably already have all or most of the supplies to make them around the house. There are so many fun things you can do with pinecones, just use a little imagination!

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