multi colored easter eggs on a towel with berries, beet juice, greens, and turmeric

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

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If you want to skip chemical dye altogether this year, give these naturally dyed Easter eggs a try. They are unique, gorgeous, and fun to make! Such a fun natural idea for Easter.

multiple colors of naturally dyed easter eggs in a bowl

Your kitchen is full of natural dyes. Common food items can be used to transform plain white eggs into a rainbow of colors. Kids will especially love discovering all the different colors they can create.

Here are some ideas for things in your kitchen that can color eggs.

  • For deep gold, try turmeric.
  • For darker brown try onion skins or black coffee.
  • For purples and blues, try blackberries or blueberries.
  • For blue, try making dye from red cabbage.
  • Do you want purple eggs, what about cabbage and beets together?
  • For pink eggs, beets (minus the tops) will do it.
  • For light brown eggs, use tea!
  • You can get a bright green by using turmeric and green cabbage.

Experimenting is so much fun!

brightly colored naturally dyed easter eggs on a towel

What you need


How to do it

Chop up your dyeing item (about 4 cups) and add to water. Boil for about 5 minutes. Smash the material. Boil for 5 more minutes. Strain out the material. Add the vinegar and get ready for dyeing.

Click on the headings below for each different kind that we did this time.

Check here for how to perfectly boil eggs every time.

Easter Eggs Dyed with Black Tea

Black tea makes the most gorgeous light brown dyed Easter egg. You’re going to want to make these year after year. They are my favorite! Here’s how to dye Easter eggs with black tea.

Easter Eggs Dyed with Beets

Beets make the most amazing deep pink color. I love everything that beets touch. It’s almost an iridescent pink that they stain everything with. So they are a natural choice for trying to dye eggs! Here’s how to dye Easter eggs with beets.

Easter Eggs Dyed with Turmeric

Turmeric makes a really deep gold color. It’s so gorgeous and makes a great contribution to your basket of colorful eggs. I’m always amazed at how pretty these are. Here’s how to dye Easter eggs with turmeric.

Easter Eggs Dyed with Blackberries

Blackberries make such a pretty blue-purple hue on your eggs. I love eating blackberries. I love dyeing things with blackberries. I love using blackberries! Here’s how to dye Easter eggs with blackberries.

You can experiment with dying your eggs for different times, but for our eggs, we left them in the dye for 8 hours. You can also try boiling your eggs with the dye food item and you’ll get a more intense color that is more even, however, it’s not as much fun because the kids can’t be right up in it. You’re just dyeing eggs for them.

For hollow eggs that will last indefinitely, dip raw eggs, then blow them out after they are dyed.

multi colored easter eggs on a towel

Can you dye brown eggs?

Chickens lay such a gorgeous variety of eggs. Some people have enough wonderful variety, they don’t even need to dye eggs! But it’s still fun. The answer to if you can dye brown eggs is a big fat yes! They produce darker, richer colors, so definitely give it a try! You’re gonna love them that way too!

For more fun Easter ideas, check out:

What other ideas can you think of to dye Easter eggs naturally? I can’t wait to hear what you’ve done!

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