Cook One Pork Roast and Make 5 Meals

How to Cook one pork roast and make 5 meals with leftovers

I cannot believe how amazingly versatile, inexpensive, and wham pow tasty pork roast is! You can cook one roast, and make a ton of meals from it. The price of the roast depends on where you live, but it’s one of the most economical meats you can get. I got this 6-pound roast for about $11 here in Oklahoma. I buy pork shoulder, butt roast, or picnic roast. Whichever kind is on sale, and they all turn out great.

I love cooking my pork roast in the crock pot. It’s a set it and forget it thing, but you can roast it in the oven, use an instant pot or whatever way you like roasting meat. This one was too big to fit in my instant pot. You can also flavor it a lot of different ways to set the stage of flavors for your leftover dishes.

Crockpot Pork Roast

To cook the roast in the crockpot, chose how you want to flavor it and cook it overnight. I love making it with just salt, pepper, onion and garlic. I love adding herbs to it. Many times, we make BBQ pork roast. Click here to see how we make it. This time, I chose to make pork Verde and it was AMAZING. I would definitely do this again.

The original recipe was inspired by one my Mom used to cook at the center she worked at. Here’s the original:

I adapted it to make this amazing pork. Same flavors, just meat instead of soup basically. Mom had given me a pound of tomatillos she had roasted from her garden this year. I just had to try this. I dumped the pork roast in my crock pot and added salt, pepper, chopped onion, the tomatillos, hot peppers, garlic, frozen corn (I don’t like hominy, yuck), cilantro, oregano and cumin.

Pork Verde
Delicious pork roast with tomatillo verde sauce
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  1. 1 6-pound pork roast
  2. 1 lb. roasted tomatillos
  3. 3 tsp. salt
  4. 1 tsp. pepper
  5. 2 onions chopped
  6. 5 small assorted hot peppers of your choice
  7. 4 cloves garlic
  8. 1 bag frozen corn
  9. 1 c. chopped cilantro
  10. 3 tsp cumin
  1. Dump all ingredients into crock pot
  2. Cook overnight on low or 6 hours on high.
  3. Remove meat and shred with a fork.
  4. Use immersion blender to blend up everything else in the crock pot.
  5. Replace pork and mix with sauce.
Adapted from Donna Gilleland
Adapted from Donna Gilleland
Little Sprouts Learning

You could eat the roast like this with some side dishes. You could also choose to season it another way. It’s amazing however you make it.

Pork tacos with pork roast

The first night we chose to have pork tacos. I’m pretty sure they were the best pork tacos I’ve ever eaten. I just put a small amount of meat into warmed corn tortillas and topped it with what I had on hand that I like.

Pork roast is very versatile

If you chose to make your pork roast BBQ flavor, you could do pulled pork sandwiches on buns, BBQ pork casserole topped with tater tots or some other topping of your choice, a bbq pot pie with biscuits on top, a smoky pork soup, or any number of things.

Once I had served the pork tacos, I froze the remaining meat in quart sized containers so I could cook them when I was ready and none of the meat would spoil. I hate wasting food, so I use my freezer vigilantly.

Freeze the leftovers

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Pulled pork sandwiches with pork roast

The second night I made these amazing pulled pork sandwiches. I used French bread and toasted them in the pan in garlic basil butter. Oh man, were these good. I reheated the meat for the sandwiches in a hot skillet to get a tiny bit of char on it. It made a big difference in flavor. I served it with a tomato and cucumber salad.

Pork roast and vegetable soup

The next day I used the rest of that container of pork to make my daycare kids a pork and vegetable soup. I just dumped a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and a container of chicken stock into the pot with the pork. You could make the soup with whatever kind of veggies your family likes. This is always a big hit with my kids no matter what meat I put in it. I just cooked it until the vegetables were cooked and added some salt and pepper to taste, plus a little bit of thyme. I boiled the soup for a minute or two and there it was. The kids gobbled it right up.

Pork roast enchilada casserole

For the next meal, I roasted up a cut up onion with some fresh tomatoes, hot peppers and salt and pepper. I blended that into a sauce. I used that like enchilada sauce to make an enchilada casserole. Enchilada sauce is fine, but I didn’t have any on hand. I dipped corn tortillas into the sauce and put a layer of them in my pan. Then I added a layer of the pork Verde. Next a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese and repeated all three of those layers. I topped the casserole with a little extra shredded cheese and baked it until it was a little browned and bubbly. That took about 30 minutes. We all loved this one too.

Pork roast pot pie

For the final meal, I thawed out one more container of the pork Verde. I made a simple pie crust. You can also use a store bought one. I try to make things homemade so they will be healthier. You don’t even have to have a bottom crust if you chose not to. It’s good without crust too. The next step in making a pot pie is to make a roux. Then add your pork and whatever veggies you have on hand that you like. I love making pot pies with potatoes, peas and carrots. Broccoli is great, or anything else you love. For this one, I used a quick bag of mixed veggies. It did the trick. Then I topped it with a sheet of puff pastry. You can use more pie crust. You could also top it with some raw biscuits and let those bake on top. Any way you do it, it will be great.

Pork Roast Pot Pie
Yummy pot pie with succulent pork verde flavors
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  1. 1 prepared pie shell
  2. 2 T. butter or other fat of your choice
  3. 1 chopped onion
  4. 1/3 C. flour
  5. 2 tsp. sage
  6. ½ tsp salt
  7. ¼ tsp pepper
  8. 1 c. milk
  9. 1 ½ c. chicken stock
  10. 1 bag frozen mixed vegetables, or other veggies of your choice, thawed
  11. 3 c. shredded pork Verde
  12. Raw puff pastry, biscuits or layer of pie crust
  1. Melt butter in skillet.
  2. Add onion and cook until tender.
  3. Add flour and seasonings and cook and stir until slightly starts to brown.
  4. Add milk and chicken stock all at once.
  5. Cook and stir until mixture thickens.
  6. Add vegetables and meat.
  7. Mix and dump into pie shell.
  8. Top with desired topping.
  9. Bake at 400 until topping is cooked through and browned.
Little Sprouts Learning
 pork roast leftover pot pie

My family loved this round of meals. We have one container of meat left for a later time. I love how economical all of these meals were because the meat was so inexpensive. It’s amazing how much meat you get from one roast. Every time I’m shocked at how much it makes. I love creating new flavors and making something new out of something leftover. Cooking is like art, and then you get to eat it.

Your roast can be made into other things such as pork nachos, a pork and rice casserole, pork fried rice, pork stir fry, soups, stews, or any number of other things.

Any post on this blog may contain affiliate links which pay me a very small commission for items you purchase using the links but costs you nothing extra. I can help defray a small percentage of the cost of producing the blog to share information with you.


I hope you enjoy these ideas with your family and making them feeds your soul and your bodies.

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How to Cook one pork roast and make 5 meals with leftovers

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