9 Kid Friendly Crock Pot Recipes

Don’t you hate when you have been working hard all day and then you have to face making something for dinner? Do you wish there was a way a magic fairy could leave dinner already ready for you? There is a way that’s simple and that fairy is your crockpot! Check out these healthy, whole food ingredient, kid-friendly crockpot recipes your family will love. Get ready for some super yummy fall comfort food! Enjoy these crockpot recipes for picky eaters.

9 Kid Friendly Crockpot Recipes

I used to HATE to cook and would dread trying to come up with something everyday. We ended up eating fast-food and junk food way more than we should have. I learned over the years to use my crockpot to make meals that have healthy, real food ingredients, but that my kids love!

9 Kid Friendly Crock Pot Recipes

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Kid friendly crockpot recipes for the food program

I have a home daycare and I cook these kid-friendly crockpot recipes for my kids and they love them. I can just set it up before they arrive in the morning and at lunch time, voila, the magic meal is ready. I also love that the crockpot doesn’t heat up my house as much as using the oven does.

All of these kid-friendly crockpot recipes are food program approved.

Kid friendly crockpot recipes for picky eaters

Taco soup is one of my kid’s all-time favorites. My husband loves this kid-friendly crockpot recipe and my grown daughter often still asks for this meal when she comes home to visit. I’d say it’s a keeper. Click here for my recipe for taco soup in the slow cooker. I cannot think of a child that has not gobbled this taco soup up since I started making it, maybe 10 years ago. 

Easy, Inexpensive Taco Soup that Kids LOVE!

If you need help getting your picky eater to eat healthy food, click here

Who doesn’t love pulled pork? Tossing a pork roast in the crock pot and cooking it all night will give you a ton of meals that your whole family will love. You can make a bunch of different things from it and it makes a ton, so you can eat it all week. You can make the ultimate kid-friendly crock pot recipes with this. You can also make pulled pork sandwiches and then freeze the rest and take it out later to make more great kid-friendly meals.




My kids love this kid-friendly crockpot recipe for pulled pork. Click here to see it. 

Slow cooker family meals for picky eaters

See below for more great kid-friendly crockpot recipes for an easy dinner tonight!

Honey Dijon Chicken


Turkey Breast


Shredded Beef Burrito Bowls


Slow Cooker Sticky Chicky Wings


Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Thighs


Not Your Mum’s Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken


Slow Cooker Sausage Hotpot

The slow cooker can be your magic dinner cooking fairy if you spend a few minutes planning ahead.

For more fun fall ideas, check out the posts below!


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9 Kid Friendly Crock Pot Recipes


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    These receipes all sound super yummy! I dont have kids yet, however, I live in a house hold with two little ones and they would love these meals.

  2. Kayla says:

    Yummy! These all sound delicious!

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