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Soup Recipe Ideas

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From tomato soup to chicken noodle, fill your bowl with soup recipe ideas. One-pot soups, quick soups, soups with few ingredients. But all yummy and satisfying!

Bowl of hot soup on the table with a spoon

I love soup, it’s one of my favorite comfort foods. And I love experimenting with flavors in the kitchen. One of the best soups I ever came up with was this Instant Pot Wild Rice and Chicken Soup. I make it all the time now. It’s creamy and hearty and takes just a few minutes in the instant pot.

Panera Copycat Instant Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup in a pan with a ladle full overhead

Meatless soup ideas

One of the all-time favorite soup recipe ideas of my daycare kids is this easy and inexpensive taco soup. My kids BEG for this. When I see grown adults and teens around town that I used to keep, they always bring up my quesadillas and my taco soup. My daughter begs for this soup as well. It’s really flavorful, spicy, and one of the easiest things you’ll ever make! You can even make it as a gift. Check out taco soup in a jar here.

taco soup in a bowl topped with cheese, chips, and sour cream

This cauliflower butternut squash soup has a little bacon in it for flavor, but if you want a truly meatless soup, you can leave that out. It’s delicious either way. We add it sometimes and leave it out sometimes and it’s always a hit at our house. It’s a creamy soup recipe that makes your soul feel fed when you eat it. And if you want to skip the cauliflower, check out this butternut squash soup recipe without it.

Pot of cauliflower butternut squash soup with a few greens and a ladel in it.

And speaking of squash soups, this hearty summer squash soup is so fresh and light, it’s a great soup to have in the summertime when your garden is putting out tons of yummy squash. We added chicken to this recipe, but with the beans and noodles, you can do it either way. We usually make it without. And If you want a creamy summer squash soup, check out our roasted summer squash soup here that is blended. It’s so good!

a bowl of summer squash soup and noodles and chicken on a table

Another kid favorite soup recipe around here is this pasta-based vegetable soup recipe for kids. My kids LOVE this stuff and can’t get enough of it.

Vegetable noodle soup in a bowl with a red spoon

Beef soup recipes

My kids love cooking and I love to cook with them. One of their favorites to make is this really simple vegetable beef soup. Just sweat an onion, brown some ground beef, and toss in some frozen vegetables. It’s super easy to make.

kids at a table with bowls of vegetable beef soup and cups of milk along with ritz crackers

This beef soup for toddlers is really great for picky eaters, easy for the little ones to eat, even with their hands, and grown-ups are going to love it too. It’s a hearty meal for any day of the week.

beef, vegetable, and farro soup in a bowl with a big piece of beef on top

One of my husband’s favorite soups is this hearty keto bacon cheeseburger soup. It’s full of all the tangy, smokey, meaty flavors of a yummy bacon cheeseburger, and the broth is creamy and satisfying.

keto bacon cheeseburger soup in a bowl with a spoon on the table by some flowers

This hamburger cauliflower soup is going to be one of your new favorites. Check it out by clicking the highlighted link!

If you like Asian flavors as much as we do, check out this Chinese-inspired minced beef soup. It’s A-MAZING!

Or for a spicy fiesta flavor, this Mexican leftover smoked brisket recipe comes together in just a few minutes and is bursting with flavor!

Chicken soup recipes

You can make this chicken tortilla soup with frozen chicken in your instant pot in just a few minutes or thaw your chicken and make it on the stovetop. It’s delicious either way, so full of spicy yummy flavors. But not too spicy, I’m a big baby. It’s one of my favorite soup recipe ideas.

instant pot chicken tortilla soup in a bow topped with cheese and sour cream, a side of tortilla chips and a lime wedge on the side

Pork soup recipes

I LOVE tortellini in soups or as a pasta dish. They are bursting with flavor and the chew on them is so satisfying. We call them belly buttons around here. This sausage spinach tortellini soup is the best thing I’ve ever made with them though. It’s a cream soup that’s so full of flavor at every level. So good!

sausage spinach tortellini soup in a bowl

You can use leftover pork to make this broccoli and sweet potato soup. You’re going to love it!

Don’t forget to check out these soup recipe ideas for dinner and some super quick and easy dinner ideas with soup. And if you have kids or run a daycare like me, try this friendship soup activity for lunch and learning. For even more ideas for healthy soups for kids, check this out.

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