candy canes lined up in rows on the table for counting

Candy Cane Math and Science Activities for Preschool

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Fun and delicious candy cane math and science activities for kids. There is so much kids can learn with these adorable treats. These make great activities for daycare.

Candy canes hanging on another candy can in candy cane math activity for preschoolers

Do you have old candy canes lying around leftover? Here is a great way to use them after Christmas or before! These math and science activities are no mess, no prep, and fun to do!

Kids LOVE candy and candy canes are so freaking cute! It’s a great idea to combine them to help kids learn all kinds of stem knowledge. The shape makes them easy and fun to use too. And if Christmas is over and you have a bunch left, this is so much fun and another way to give them more life.

I love finding festive ways to make learning more fun too. There is a sensory side to the candy canes with the shiny, hard surface, bright colors, and strong scents. All of these things make learning more memorable for the kids with candy cane math and science for preschool.

Candy cane math

The first way you can have candy cane math fun with your preschoolers is to lay the candy canes out on the table count how many there are and how many there are of each kind.

candy canes lined out on the table for counting and sorting

Next, you can use the different kinds to make patterns. AB patterns and more complicated patterns are great for preschool learning. If all of your candy canes are the same kind, you can still make patterns by facing the hook of the cane in different directions. One up one down, one up one down. Or one sideways, one up and down. Then two up two down, etc. You get the idea.

Sorting candy canes by flavor, color, or size is another great math activity for preschoolers.

candy canes sorted on the table by color

Candy cane science experiments

Candy cane science is a super fun stem activity as well. There are a ton of ways you can use candy canes for experiments. First, we’ll start with candy cane stacking. Kids can learn fine motor skills with this one and balance and weight distribution as well. How high can they stack them? Who can stack them the highest?

child stacking candy canes on the table

Then building with them. Turning them different ways to build a sturdier base will help them stack them higher. Finding ways to balance the weight distribution is great for fine motor and STEM learning. They can also learn taking turns and cooperation with this one if you make it a team event.

candy canes piled up on the table with kids

How many candy canes will one candy cane hold? How heavy is a candy cane? How strong is the hook?

You can also get out some equipment and measure and weigh the candy canes as well. How heavy is one candy? Are the different sizes different weights? The kids can use scales and rulers to find out even more about candy canes.

Candy canes can also be dissolved in water, melted in the oven, used to grow sugar crystals, and used to flavor doughs and goops. Did you know you can bend candy canes? There are so many fun and interesting ways to learn from candy canes. The kids and you can even make candy canes yourself homemade!

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