Remember all of the animals, the smells, the sights, lights and sounds at the circus? What great inspiration for the ultimate circus party for kids.

The Ultimate Circus Kids Party Ideas

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Remember all of the animals, the smells, the sights, lights and sounds at the circus? What great inspiration for the ultimate circus party for kids. It’s great to celebrate holidays and special days in daycare with kids.

kids playing circus party with stuffed animals and a "ring of fire" made with a hula hoop and some tissue paper and a clown

Circus party ideas

Kids still love the circus. Why not bring some of that excitement home with a kid’s birthday party or a circus party for kids for your daycare? We had a circus party at our daycare a few months ago and it was a big hit!

Kids love to pretend. You could have a bouncy house, a real clown (no thanks for me), a cotton candy machine or a ton of other props, but you can also make a lot of fun for cheap or free.

In my daycare, I love to show the kids a good time without spending every penny I make on supplies and activities. To say I’m frugal would be a slight understatement.

kids throwing stuffed animals through a paper ring of fire at our circus party for kids

Kid’s circus theme party

We started out by inviting all the kids to bring a stuffed animal circus performer to the party. I texted everyone a few days before the let them know we were having a circus day. I came up with some fun activities.

  • We had a kissing booth at the front door. Mommies and daddies had to kiss the kids in the booth before they left for the day.
  • Kids could come into the tattoo booth and get a tattoo. Kids LOVE to have tattoos and I think it’s pretty fun too.
How to Throw the Ultimate Circus Party

Circus activity for preschoolers

I used an old hula hoop and some tissue paper to make a ring of fire for the stuffed animals to jump through. The kids thought this was so much fun.

We also made a trapeze out of a stick and two pieces of string. Stuffed animals could perform on the trapeze with amazing tricks.

The last performance for the stuffed animals was a tightrope act. I strung a piece of yarn across my dining room for them to do tricks on.

a child with a stuffed animal on a "trapeze" made out of a stick and some yarn

After all of the activities, kids got to choose snacks from the concession stand. They were pretty excited since we usually don’t have chips. I served lunch and they got to have the chips as a side dish.

hot dogs and chips at concession stand, circus party for kids

Circus party theme

I found those cute little boxes of animal cookies that look like a circus train car. I got each of the kids one to take home with them. Back to thinking about the circus as a kid, do you remember getting these little boxes of fun? The circus party for kids was as fun for me as it was for the kids. Such good memories.

Circus party for kids

You don’t have to spend a fortune or wear yourself all the way out to give your kids a memorable, super fun day! Just give them a little piece of your fun memories.

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