Kids LOVE dinosaurs, it never fails. Check out a great way to have some serious fun at a dinosaur party for kids without spending a fortune.

The Ultimate Dinosaur Kids Party Ideas

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Kids LOVE dinosaurs, it never fails. Check out a great way to have some serious fun at a dinosaur party for kids without spending a fortune. It’s a great way to celebrate a holiday or special party with kids! It’s great to celebrate holidays and special days in daycare with kids.

Kids with dinoculars to hunt dinosaurs and a glacier of frozen dinosaurs in a stack at a fun dinosaur party for kids

This party was for my daycare kids. It would make a great birthday party too. What kid wouldn’t want a dinosaur birthday party?

When I started planning my dinosaur party for my preschool kids, I thought about letting them dig for dinosaur eggs and hatch them. I immediately turned to my go-to party planning place, Oriental Trading because I knew they had dinosaur eggs.

I asked if I could have some cool dinosaur stuff for my party if I wrote about them, and they said yes. Score one on the blog. All opinions about the dinosaur products I got from them are my own. 

Dinosaur party ideas

I have always loved throwing dinosaur parties and I would love to do a dinosaur birthday party. The first thing the kids saw when they walked in was super cute dinosaur tracks. You could make some yourself, but were super easy to use and stayed in place nicely through the whole dinosaur party.

I decided to hide my dinosaur eggs in the pea gravel in the back and let the kids dig for them. They loved searching for them and then finding out what was inside. It was one of my best dinosaur party ideas.

We also got to talk about how many animals hatch from eggs and dinosaurs are born that way too. I love finding ways to teach the kids about science in any type of activity. A dinosaur party for preschoolers can be an amazing opportunity for learning right along with the fun.

kids hunting for dinosaur eggs at the ultimate dinosaur party for kids

Dinosaur birthday party ideas-binoculars.

The day before our dinosaur party, we made dinoculars. All you need is paper towel tubes cut in the size of toilet paper tubes. Take two tubes, and wrap tape around them to hold them together. Then let the kids use markers and stickers to decorate them. You can punch a hole in the sides and tie a piece of yarn on for a neck holder.

We love to make these binoculars for bear hunts, nature walks, and all kinds of things. They are inexpensive but super fun. The dinoculars are the best dinosaur party ideas of all. They have always been a favorite around Little Sprouts. And they make great dinosaur party favors.

making dinoculars out of paper towel tubes to hunt dinosaurs

Another favorite thing we have made before that is super cheap for a dinosaur party for kids is dinosaur feet. I didn’t save up tissue boxes early enough this year, but we love to make them for a dinosaur party.

You need two tissue boxes per child. The long kind, not the tall ones. Then paint the outside a solid color like green or brown. Add three giant construction paper toenails to the front, and let the kids put their feet in. They are fun to stomp around in. Also, they would go great with the book, dinosaur stomp. They will take home these dinosaur party favors and talk about them forever. 

Ice glaciers for kid’s dinosaur party

I got bigger dinosaurs from Oriental and froze them into blocks of ice. Dinosaur bones are always being discovered in the glaciers as they melt and right now in Oklahoma it’s scorchingly hot, so I decided melting some glaciers at our party would be a welcome relief from some of the heat.

freezing plastic dinosaurs into ice blocks for kids dinosaur party
unmolding frozen ice blocks with plastic dinosaurs for dinosaur party fun

I found old plastic containers in the recycle bin and cut them if needed. Then I placed one dinosaur in each one and added a little water, enough to cover the dinosaur’s feet. I placed them in the freezer until they were set and then added more water to cover the dinosaur completely.

Kids can chip at the ice to get the dinosaurs out of the glaciers or they can melt them with their hands or just wait and let the sun do the work. We talked about how dinosaurs were frozen as the glaciers formed and that’s how they got into the ice. They got to take the plastic dinos home for fun dinosaur party favors. 

pan full of dinosaur glaciers for kids dinosaur party
Kids thawing dinosaur glaciers on the back porch in summer time
Kids sitting on the porch thawing glaciers with frozen plastic dinosaurs

This was the ABSOLUTE most fun dinosaur party idea!

Free Printable Dinosaur dot to dots!

dinosaur connect the dot mock up with samples and a little dino smiling

Click here to download your free dinosaur dot to dot to use at your party! There are 10 different ones!

Building a volcano for a kid’s dinosaur party

Building a volcano to add to your party is super easy. You can build it out of clay or playdough, you can moisten some sand or dirt outside and build one or you could make one from paper mache ahead of time. Any way you build it, your volcano will be a thrill at your party.

dirt volcano in the yard for dinosaur party for kids

All you need to do is build a mountain with a hole in the middle and put a few tablespoons of baking soda at the bottom. When it’s time for your volcano to erupt, just pour in a cup or less of vinegar and watch it erupt. I never get tired of this and your kids won’t either. If you don’t do it outside, make sure to have it on a cookie sheet or something that will catch the mess. It goes everywhere.

I decided to just dig a hole in my backyard and stick in a paper towel tube. Then I built the volcano mountain up around the tube and packed it down. This was a big hit with the kids! I filled the tube halfway with baking soda the night before. When it was time for the eruption, I let one of the kids pour vinegar into the hole and bubble it up. It was really fun to watch their reaction.

kids setting off volcano at kids dinosaur party

Dinosaur party favors

I got the oriental trading dinosaur skeletons for more dinosaur science. We talked about how we have skeletons inside of our bodies and so do other living creatures. Our bones hold our bodies up and help us move, run, eat and play.

I placed the skeletons around the play area so kids could “excavate” them like a paleontologist. Then I gave the kids shovels and brushes to dig for them. I showed them how scientists brush away the dirt carefully so they won’t mess up the bones.

kid paleontologists excavating dinosaur skeletons at dinosaur party

Sticker dinosaur party favors

I printed up dinosaur coloring sheets for the kids and also gave them fun dinosaur stickers to use. I love including some kind of art in our parties and the dinosaur party is no exception.

kids at the table coloring dinosaur color sheets

Dinosaur party photo ops

We had tons of fun at our dinosaur party including taking a bunch of fun pictures. The kids thought the big dinosaur mouth doorway frame was hilarious and loved seeing their pictures at the dinosaur party walking into the dinosaur’s mouth.

We also got this prop that made it look like the dinosaur was carrying the kids away. Talk about fun times. This was the hit of our dinosaur party!

photo prop for dinosaur party photos
cardboard dinosaur chasing kids at dino party

More Dinosaur party favors

I had some cool dinosaur puzzles and tattoos left from last year’s party. So, I gave each of the kids some to take home and play with. Also, I got these super cute dinosaur boxes for all the eggs and other dinosaur party favors to go in. Everyone could take all of their stuff home in their personal box. They loved it.

Dinosaur party food ideas

My daycare parent sent some cool dinosaur-themed snacks that the kids thought were super fun! This was a great way for parents to get involved. They got to hatch the dinosaur eggs at home for parent involvement as well. It’s important to let parents have involvement in your activities at daycare.

It helps parents know what’s going on and feel like a part of what they are doing. Another way we had parent involvement was to ask the kids to wear dinosaur shirts if they had one and bring a dinosaur toy from home. They had a great time playing with them with their friends. Click here to see more about how to get parents involved.

fun dinosaur party food
kids getting dinosaur punch from the watering hole at kids dinosaur party

Dinosaur punch

We drank Jurassic juice (the blood of ancient dinosaurs) to drink. We set up a watering hole outside so we could get dinosaur punch often in the heat. I added the Jurassic juice (strawberry lemonade dinosaur punch) when it was break time. 

How to Throw the Ultimate Dinosaur Party
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Jurassic Juice-The Blood of Ancient Dinosaurs

(strawberry lemonade made with real food ingredients) Dinosaur punch
Prep Time20 minutes
Total Time20 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: dinosaur juice, dinosaur punch, strawberry lemonade
Servings: 15
Author: Christina


  • 1 qt fresh strawberries 1 froze mine so the lemonade would be slushy
  • 2 c fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 c raw sugar
  • 12 c water


  • Mix 2 cups water with 2 cups raw sugar and heat over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. You can use regular sugar if you prefer.
  • Place cooled sugar water in the blender with the strawberries and the lemon juice and blend well.
  • Add to a pitcher with the remaining 10 cups of water. Stir.


The strawberries and the blending make the drink foamy which is all the more fun for the kids!

For more real food party drinks you can make for the kids without chemicals or artificial colors or flavors, click here.

Kids using dinoculars at the dinosaur party

Dinosaur kids party

There are so many things you can do to make a dinosaur kids party fun for kids. You are only limited by your imagination. Get together some ideas, order some fun stuff if you want, and get your dinosaur party on with your little people.

It never gets boring for kids or adults. This was THE most fun party EVER! I hope you try it with your kids. A dinosaur birthday party would totally rock!

Do you have any other cool dinosaur ideas?

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  1. My favorite part was the Ice with the Dino’s inside and the Photo Opts …So much fun when its hot.