Kids making taco soup, pouring a can of beans into crock pot

Taco Soup Kits

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Warm and delightfully thoughtful, these taco soup kits send love by the ladle. And preparing this souper easy recipe together is a fun activity for parents to do with kids. Check out these soup recipe ideas for more inspiration.

Taco soup ingredients in cans for take home kit

Bean taco soup

There’s nothing better than a recipe that you just open a few containers and heat. I love making stuff like that and this taco soup recipe is one of my kid’s favorites. I have grown adults stop me around town to say hi and mention this taco soup. It’s a kid-pleaser for sure! And it’s still healthy, even though it’s easy!

I make my taco soup with just beans. That’s the way I prefer it. I don’t love meat and I do love beans. If you want to add meat to this taco soup, go right ahead and brown a pound of ground beef to toss in there.

I like to make it with dried beans, so I soak them overnight and then rinse them and cook them all day in the crockpot (or all night, either work). Then toss in the other ingredients and let it cook some more. We do it in the crockpot.

kids making taco soup in a crock pot, pouring in cans of ingredients

Taco soup with ranch

If you want to use canned beans as we use in the taco soup kits, it still turns out just as good. The key to making it great is the taco seasoning mix and ranch seasoning mix. If you don’t want to make your own mixes, just make sure you get really good store-bought ones. But making them takes two shakes and you can have them ready for tons of recipes to come.

Ingredients for taco soup gathered in the table

5 Ingredient taco soup

I love that these taco soup kids only require 5 things. A can or two of beans (we use pinto beans but it’s great with black beans, kidney beans, or a mixture), a can of corn, a can of Rotel (or make your own Rotel and freeze it and pop a bag out of the freezer for the meal), a package of ranch mix, and a package of taco mix. Add some salt and you got dinner.

Need a quick and easy dinner idea for busy weeknights? Check out these freezer meals you can make ahead and pop out for a quick family dinner. Just a few minutes of prep work will help you get dinner on the table for your family in a snap.

The way we made a fun activity for families to share and eat together is just doing all cans. We did little mason jars with the spice mixes, but if you’re doing store-bought, the packages can go right in the bag too. I got black and white checked bags and put red tissue paper in them. That way, I could use the leftover bags year-round for whatever.

I just tossed in an extra big can of pinto beans, a small can of corn, and a small can of Rotel, and then the two little jars of seasoning mix. It was adorable and the families loved hanging out together to make dinner. It was so easy the kids could help pour everything in and either heat it on the stovetop or leave it in the crockpot an hour or two.

You can also use dehydrated vegetables and make taco soup in a jar they can dump in the crock pot and cook. It’s pretty and shelf-stable for months.

The kids could even put them together if you’d like them to. We added a cookbook of the kids making recipes that we give parents every year.

Shutterfly cookbook for kids

Since everything is canned, it doesn’t take much cooking so dinner is quick too. And this gift is really inexpensive to make. A few cans of veggies don’t cost a lot, but it’s a really thoughtful gift. I love giving unique Christmas gifts to friends and family.

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