Handmade gifts are so thoughtful and special. Check out these homemade Christmas gifts you can make yourself for some holiday inspiration!

The Ultimate List of Homemade Christmas Gifts

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Handmade gifts are so thoughtful and special. Check out these homemade Christmas gifts you can make yourself for some holiday inspiration! It’s a beautiful thing to put time and thought into your gift and your own energy from your own hands. And for unique gift ideas for everyone on your list, check this out.

mason jar gifts with paper and ribbon covering the top

Here is a great list of things you can make yourself that your friends and family will love. Making homemade gifts helps you simplify Christmas and enjoy it more!

Homemade Christmas gifts food

Food gifts are always a hit for the holidays because people love to eat. Giving someone something they came make later is thoughtful too because Christmas time can be busy. I love the idea of making mixes or things people can cook in January when they are cold, broke, and want a family activity.

  • Another great idea for Christmas food gifts is pies, bread, cookies, and other things people can serve for holiday meals. Who doesn’t want a homemade pie at the Christmas table?
  • Homemade Granola (kids can help with this one too!) makes a great gift people can enjoy now or later.
  • Soup Mixes in a Jar are wonderful for friends and acquaintances to make later on a cold winter day.
gifts mixes in mason jars of various sizes with spices, beans, and pastas
homemade taco and ranch dip seasoning mix in jars on the counter

If you can sew, home-sewn gifts make wonderful Christmas gifts straight from the heart. I would love to have this talent or to receive anything from someone who does.

bandana bibs, hand sewn for gifts, on a tray

Heartfelt homemade Christmas gifts

Think about some other consumable gifts that aren’t food for humans. Birdseed gifts, garden gifts, candles and other things all make wonderful gifts.

metal pails decorated with christmas decor with organic potting soil and seeds, homemade herb garden gift

Christmas gift ideas homemade

  • This Upcycled Hose Wreath would be a perfect gift for any homeowner to display on their door. You might be able to make it with what you have laying around too. Even better is a gift that saves waste from going to the landfill and is a gift to the earth and the future as well. These gifts that use up scraps or preserve things for later are perfect for Christmas or any other time of year.
hose wreath made of upcycled hose, burlap ribbon, and decorated with flowers hanging on a door
homemade wooden dominoes in a pile on top the bag
wonder woman ornaments made by painting clothes pins

Homemade Christmas

Body products people can use make great Christmas gifts too, check some of these out.

essential oil necklaces to give as gifts laying on a table

Homemade holiday gifts for kids

You can make homemade gifts for kids as well that are thoughtful and useful. Here are some Christmas gifts any kid would love to get.

natural playdough for a child's gift
felt quiet book for kids homemade christmas gift

There are so many things you can make for others that show you love and care about them. Putting thought into homemade gifts you can make yourself makes the Christmas season or any time of giving a whole lot more personal and fun!

Click here for gifts kids can make too!

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  1. These look pretty doable in the weeks left ’til Christmas. I like the clay aromatherapy necklace, and might just try making some with my girls. Thanks for including my essential oil peppermint candles in your roundup!

  2. TOTALLY Love this!!! With our Christmas being homemade these all just made me smile from ear to ear! THIS is what it is all about for me and my family!

  3. I love that you include things that both adults and kids can make.
    I love the idea of the clay ornaments that are scented, and those wooden dominos are adorable!

  4. Wow! There is so much on this list that the kiddos and I can try! We don’t have many people to gift to this year, but it’d still be fun to make a lot of these things together!

  5. Thanks for including our wooden dominoes and rope baskets. Our son made those dominoes 4 Christmases ago and our family still raves about about them.

  6. Thank you for including my granola 🙂 It’s so delicious and the kids would be so proud for their contribution!