Try making your own chocolate extract. Replacing expensive vanilla with homemade chocolate extract gives an amazing depth of chocolate flavor. Find out more.

Homemade Chocolate Extract

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Try making your own chocolate extract. Replacing expensive vanilla with homemade chocolate extract gives an amazing depth of chocolate flavor. Find out more.

Chocolate flavoring

Making chocolate extract was something I had never thought about before. I wanted to come up with some new ideas because vanilla beans are outrageous in price right now. If we can’t afford to buy the supplies to make the extract, our food is going to suffer.

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My friend has a pie business and she is just as concerned about the vanilla problem as I am. I did some digging into some other ways to flavor foods. Then I started wondering since there is vanilla and mint extract already, why couldn’t I make an extract that would make her pies (and my foods) taste more like what they were.

Homemade Chocolate Extract

Natural extract

Making homemade extracts is easy and fun. I love making homemade vanilla for all my baking needs because I know what I’m putting in my food is pure and healthy. There is lemon extract, so I tried my hand at creating some homemade. I also made some mint extract as well. I have tons of mint growing in my garden already.

She makes lemon pies, chocolate, pecan, and so many others, what flavors could I extract to enhance those pies?




When you make a chocolate dessert, you want it to have a deep and rich chocolate flavor. I was amazed at how chocolatey this chocolate extract made my Christmas desserts. We tried it in our French silk pie, our mud pie, and our old-fashioned chocolate meringue pie and it made them better than ever.

I even put a dash of the chocolate extract in the meringue for the pie and it gave it an unexpected flavor. My daughter said it was the best merengue she has ever eaten. Two thumbs up taste, five-star flavor rating.

Chocolate essence

You can use your chocolate extract to give more chocolate essence to any dessert. We have used it in brownies, cookies, and cakes. It’s going to revolutionize our baking year-round. I hope you make this extract. You’re going to be amazed at how the flavors change when you start using it in your baking and you can make it at a fraction of the price of vanilla extract with the current price of vanilla beans.

Chocolate flavour

Obviously, chocolate is the best flavor of all the desserts. It’s the nectar of the gods. What could I do to make an extract with the essence of chocolate? Cocoa nibs!

Have you ever eaten cocoa nibs? They are very crunchy and chocolatey, but they aren’t a bit sweet. When processing a cocoa bean for use in making chocolate, they first grind and ferment the beans and that’s where the nibs come from. They take the nibs and further process them, leaching a lot of the nutrients chocolate begins with and make them into chocolate or cocoa powder and other things. 

The nibs themselves are a superfood. The health benefits of chocolate are many!

Homemade Chocolate ExtractHomemade Chocolate ExtractHomemade Chocolate Extract

Homemade Chocolate Extract

Homemade Chocolate Extract
Prep Time
5 mins

Flavoring for chocolate desserts that is beaming with chocolately flavor. You will be amazed at how this enhances your dishes.

Course: Seasoning Mix
Cuisine: American
Keyword: chocolate extract, chocolate flavoring
Servings: 25
Author: Christina
  • 1/2 c organic cocoa nibs
  • 2 c medium or high-quality brandy
  1. Place nibs in a bag and break up with a mallet.

  2. Place ingredients in a mason jar and allow them to steep for 2 months.

  3. Carefully strain the nibs out of the brandy and pour the brandy into small extract jars for use.

I would still use the remaining nibs in my cooking, there’s no sense in wasting any kind of chocolate. You could use them like chocolate chips in baking or sprinkle them over the top of your smoothie or oatmeal.

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Try this new chocolate adventure for yourself.

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Replacing expensive vanilla with homemade chocolate extract gives an amazing depth of chocolate flavor. Find out more about making your own.

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    1. They usually have them in most grocery stores. Our homeland and Walmart has them in the health food section. There is a link in the article for them on amazon. They sell them a lot of places online as well.T Thanks for checking out the article and for the question.

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