Cooking with kids teaches them many skills including math, taking turns, and fine motor skills. Check out these kids cookbook recipes for daycare cookbook.

Kids Cookbook Recipes for Daycare Cookbook

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Cooking with kids teaches them many skills including math, taking turns, and fine motor skills. Check out these kids cookbook recipes for daycare cookbook.

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Every year for the past 20 years, I have been making a cookbook with my daycare kids and giving it to my daycare parents as a Christmas gift. It’s a wonderful memory book. It also has activities that parents can do with their kids.

I use a variety of recipes, some super simple and some a little more complicated. That way, kids can learn a variety of skills, but every recipe we make isn’t super messy or difficult. Check out more about how we make our cookbook for the daycare parents here.

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For great recipes to cook with your kids, check out this mini eBook on Amazon full of more than 50 kids cookbook recipes for your daycare cookbook.

Kids cookbook

I have a variety of ages, and over the years I’ve had birth to age 12. Some of these recipes were made with school-age kids, some of them were made with infants, most of them were made with toddlers and preschoolers.

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Toddlers cookbook

Toddlers can do a variety of steps in a recipe. They love to stir, they love to pour ingredients in. If I think the child seems overwhelmed, I give them a little easier task. If I think they are up for the challenge, I let them do the more difficult ones. I have had dozens of eggs cracked onto my table and even my floor over the years.

When my daughter was little, I was so uptight about her making a mess. But I learned that freaking out over a spilled egg made her insecure and me a jerk. So, I learned to keep a bowl nearby to slurp it off the table into. I learned how to pour salt on an egg on the floor and then sweep it up. And I learned how to not make every kid a nervous wreck.

Toddlers love helping and cooking teaches them fine motor control, gives them sensory experiences, and helps them learn patience, turn-taking, sharing, how to support one another, and more. It also teaches math skills and pre-reading skills.

There are a ton of recipes kids can make on the blog that are great for any age child. From older babies to school-agers, there are great kids cookbook recipes listed. Click on the highlighted text to see the recipes.

Kids cookbook recipes

There are some great fall recipes such as applesauce, pumpkin pie, and apple crisp. You can make super simple recipes with your kids like cat eyes and peach yogurt pops. Yogurt parfaits are super simple too.

If you want to bake with the kids, try sausage balls, cowboy cookies, pumpkin cookies, world-famous chocolate chip cookies, monster cookies, devil’s food cupcakes, or banana bread.

I like to make meals with the kids, and then serve them that for lunch. We do that with Spaghetti pie, breakfast casserole, lotsa pasta, pizza, and vegetable beef soup. You can make homemade bread with the kids and even homemade pancakes and pretzels as well.

There are a ton of fun recipes like ice cream in a bag that kids love to make too.

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There are so many benefits to cooking with kids. If you start with a super simple activity like friendship snack mix where every child brings a dry treat from home, such as cereal, raisins, crackers, pretzels, and so on, you can teach kids about working together to come up with something yummy to share with everyone.

Then you can work your way up to cooking more complicated things and even letting kids make their own lunch if you want to. If making simple things is more your style, it’s fine to stick with that. Kids get a lot of pride from eating something they helped put together. It can even help picky kids learn to try new foods. So, give it a try with your daycare kids or school classroom. They’re going to love it.

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