Father’s Day Card for Preschoolers to Make

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Parents love homemade gifts from their kids and this Father’s Day card for preschoolers to make for dad is going to be a favorite. There are several variations, you just print it and let the kids color it how they’d like and it’s done! It’s a great special holiday activity to do at daycare.

mock up of foldable father's day cards on a blue background

Father’s Day gifts from kids

Make dad feel extra special this Father’s Day with a unique card that’s made by the kids, just for him. With a little creativity and lots of love, you’ll have a great gift in no time.

No matter what, dad is going to love this gift and feel super special. And it will be unique as well. And if you want to add something to it, check out these Shrinky dink handprint keychains that dad will love as well.

shrinky dink handprint keychains for mother's day on the table

My husband loves homemade gifts like this beef jerky my daughter made for him. She is almost 30, but she still loves making things for her dad and he still loves getting them!

To make this Father’s Day card with your preschoolers, you’ll need:

  • a printer
  • the pdf
  • something to color it with

You’ll need to choose which design you want and print it out and then let the kids go at it. Then once it’s colored, you can fold it up for them. The template shows where to cut and where to fold. It really couldn’t be much more simple.

It’s going to be so much fun and a great memory for the kids and dads. I love helping kids make really thoughtful gifts. ‘

Father’s Day activities for preschoolers

Check out these other Father’s Day gifts preschoolers can make for dad. Your preschoolers are going to love making Dad something special all on their own. And Dad will love the thought they put into it.

I hope you find something you’ll love helping your kids make too!

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