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Best Valentines Day Gifts for Kids

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Valentines Day is such a fun holiday to teach your kids about kindness. Here are some of the best Valentines Day gifts for kids that will make them feel super special.

valentines gifts for kids on a table

Preschool Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s day parties are one of the highlights of the preschool year. I love celebrating holidays and special days with my daycare kids and Valentine’s day is lots of fun. All the fun colors and fun things to do. We have a ton of fun.

If your child loves stuffed animals, try a teddy bear for Valentines day gifts! Teddy bears are all about love. Add a drop of essential oil like lavender to your little one’s bear, and they will be more relaxed in no time too! But you can just do the bear without the oils if you’d rather. You can also get rice-filled ones that you can heat up or cool down in the freezer. When your child gets hurt, you can help them feel better with their stuffed animal instead of a regular rice pack! These are great for earaches, growing pains, and bruises.

There are plenty of craft kits all over the place, especially Valentines Day-themed ones. Kids love being creative and making something all on their own. You can buy any kind of craft supplies, and they would be happy! Try to find a kit you can make together to make it extra fun for both of you.

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Valentine bag for preschool

There are so many great things you can put in a valentines day gifts bag for goodies. Small pieces of candy, your valentine cards, and more.

Gift your preschooler these fun pop-up Valentine’s Day cards featuring their favorite Disney character. Their little face will light up with excitement when they open it! Or, if you’re crafty, check out these printable Valentine cards you can make yourself! Or what about making seed bombs and you can plant them together? Everyone loves to see things growing.

A lot of kids struggle with their self-esteem, especially around this holiday. Positive affirmation cards help kids practice self-love and give them the confidence and happiness they need. Saying affirmations daily will also help them know their worth, excel in school, and be able to adapt and work through challenging times. Grab them a fun card deck they can say before school each morning!

If you want to make something for your kids for Valentines Day, make some fun coupons to give them. Most of the time, kids give their moms coupons during Mother’s Day, so they will love to receive them from you!

You can give vouchers for a bubble bath with a bath bomb, ice cream, a movie day, a spa night, or make their favorite meal.

Books are educational and super beneficial for kids, but they are a lot of fun too. Try to get books you know your kids will love to read and are appropriate for their age groups. You can also find some pretty awesome activity books for all ages that would be great for those who struggle to read.

If you have a child who loves jewelry, try finding a matching set to share with them. There are plenty of mother/daughter bracelets and necklaces that would make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It would also be fun to make your own set! You can make jewelry out of shrinky dinks too!

There are plenty of customized toys you can get your kids to make them feel special. If you have younger kids, you can find name crayons (or make your own like these crayon shapes but use letter molds) or give them a puzzle with their names spelled out.

For older kids, you can find plenty of personalized jewelry, keychains, posters, and so much more. Try to find things that you know your child will enjoy, making it much more special.

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Valentine’s day theme

For more Valentine’s ideas, check these out:

While these items will make great Valentine’s day gifts for your kids, ultimately, you know your child best. Make this year the best Valentine’s Day they have ever had!

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  1. An awesome read! I loved that you covered just about everyone and my favorite gift is the teddy bear idea!