A Teddy Bear picnic a simple, fun thing to do with your kidlets. They will love it and it's not something that takes a whole lot of extra effort.

How to Throw a Terrific TEDDY BEAR Picnic!

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A Teddy Bear picnic a simple, fun thing to do with your kidlets. They will love it and it’s not something that takes a whole lot of extra effort. It’s great to celebrate holidays and special days in daycare with kids.

teddy bear in a picnic basket

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I placed a sheet on the living room floor and cooked lunch and packed it in a basket. The kids had so much fun!

teddy bear picnic food
picnic food for indoor picnic

Teddy bear picnic ideas

This week was animal week. I told parents their kids could dress in animal print or animal shirts. Some even wore costumes. On Monday when we had P.E., we did animal exercises such as kangaroo hopping and monkey climbing. We read animal books during storytime and sang animal songs. Today was the pinnacle of the week with our Teddy Bear Picnic.

Once we were all in place, I read a book to the kids about a bear doing aerobics in the jungle with all the animals. The kids and I worked out as I read.

doing a little bearobics

The teddy bears picnic youtube

Next, we did some Bear Hunting. Here’s a short video clip.

Teddy bears picnic activities

If you haven’t heard the bear hunt chant before, you can click here for a version of it. I have done it with the kids for years and haven’t found one yet who doesn’t LOVE it!

After the bear hunt, the kids got their plates and cups of milk and I served their lunch. They pretended to feed their stuffed animals and ate up everything I made. They were super excited to be eating on the floor.

teddy bear picnic plates with kids eating
munching with our teddy bears at the picnic
plate of food
child eating peaches
eating quesadillas at indoor picnic
eating peas at the teddy bear picnic

Here’s what the picnic basket looked like after they ate.

leftovers from teddy bear picnic

Once they were finished eating, I had them take care of their dishes and come back to the blanket and I read them a book about animals brushing their teeth. They were tired and ready for nap. Everyone’s faces were covered in smiles.

You don’t have to do anything fancy to show kids a good time. They are just happy you are doing something with them. They are excited to spend time with you and they are excited to get to do something new.

Teddy bear picnic birthday party

You could easily use this idea for a super fun kid’s birthday party. There are many ways you can explore teddy bears with kids and spend as little or as much as you’d like. I love simple party days, and I have to be careful with my budget, so I chose simple and inexpensive. Enjoy your teddy day.

Click here to see what one of the kids had to say about the day.

I hope our Teddy Bear Picnic inspires you to do something fun with your kids this week! Comment below and let me know what you came up with.

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