Kids love animals and sharks are no different. We had a ton of fun with an educational shark party for kids and I know you will too. Check out these ideas.

Educational Shark Party for Kids

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Kids love animals and sharks are no different. We had a ton of fun with an educational shark party for kids at our home daycare and I know you will too. Check out these ideas for special days in home daycare.

Kids wearing shark hats at a shark party singing baby shark

Baby shark party games

Kids can learn so much by celebrating something like sharks with a party. We decided to celebrate shark week and learn a ton about sharks. I love to make learning fun. My kids are 2-4 so we don’t dive too deeply into what sharks do and how they hunt, but we can talk about a lot of things.

Educational shark information like how many different kinds of sharks are there, how many teeth do they have, how big are they, and things like that are fun to talk about. We found a shark fact for kids sheet and I let the kids guess what they thought the answer were and then I told them the information. There are actually some really big sharks out there in the ocean!

Obviously baby shark is popular and we sang the baby shark song over and over during our shark party. We learned all of the motions and enjoyed the music and movement time.

I also found the kids these cute funny shark hats and we enjoyed wearing those while we sang and played.

There are a ton of cute shark party supplies you can find. If you can paint a shark on a piece of poster board or big paper, you can make a cool photo op. I can’t paint, but I got this premade backdrop for the kids and they loved it. It was the kid of the shark party for kids.

child pretending to be eaten by shark picture for photo op at shark party

There are lots of shark art projects to do, we did two. One was a sticker pack with all the parts of the shark and I let the kids peel and stick them onto paper however they wanted. Stickers are great for fine motor development and I love that.

kids making shark faces with stickers

We also did some liquid watercolors on coffee filters. We used green and blue to make the ocean and after they were dry, I let the kids glue on some precut sharks that I made. I found stencils online and copied them onto construction paper and cut them out. The kids love making oceans with sharks.

kids painting coffee filters

Shark party games

We played ring toss on this pool toy, which was great gross motor skill building as well as a ton of fun. The kids played with this thing the rest of the day after the party. It’s big enough for lots of people to play at the same time. The bright colors were fun for the kids and kept them interested. They loved seeing if they could make the target.

I love watching kids develop their skills and practice something over and over again until they get better at it. It’s one of my favorite parts of home daycare and watching kids grow.

For more undersea ideas, check these out:

kids playing shark ring toss at shark party

The daycare parents got involved in our shark party for kids too. Some of them got inspired and sent fun snacks for us to enjoy. One mom made beach pudding cups with gummy sharks in them. The kids thought this was so fun.

beach pudding cups for shark party

Another mom made shark pasta salad which we had with our lunch. It was full of yummy veggies and pasta for the kids to enjoy and the pasta was shaped like ocean creatures including sharks.

shark pasta salad

Another snack that a mom sent were these adorable ocean life preservers made from mini donuts and a little icing for the red bands. She put little gummy bears on them to float in our imaginary ocean.

donut life preserver snacks for shark party

Our educational shark party for kids was one of our most fun learning parties that we’ve had at little sprouts. The kids were so inspired by the sharks and had a ton of interest in it. Some other parties we’ve enjoyed were:

Comment below with some ideas you have to inspire kids to learn. We can’t wait to hear about it!

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