If you're not in the baby stage, knowing what to get a baby for Christmas can be hard. Here's the ultimate list of Baby Christmas gifts.

Ultimate List of Gifts for Infants

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If you’re not in the baby stage, knowing what to get a baby for Christmas can be hard. Here’s the ultimate list of baby Christmas gifts. For unique gift ideas for everyone on your list, check this out.

Baby in a basket wearing a christmas hat and baby pulling up to a toy box with toys all around

To be honest, I think the best gift for an infant is something that helps mom with baby. I love buying gifts for infants that make mom’s life a little bit easier. The child doesn’t realize or know they are receiving a gift, so why not bless momma?

Baby Christmas gifts

The number one best gift for any age child is BOOKS!

Baby holding adult finger

Christmas gifts for babies

If you feel compelled to give a gift that is primarily for baby, remember bold shapes are stimulating to infants. The best toy gifts for infants are things that stimulate their senses. Taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound are baby’s senses.

Think about musical toys or things that make interesting sounds. Gifts for infants that stimulate their sensory learning help them learn and form connections for future learning. Click here to see more about why sensory stimulation is so important for learning.

Some great toy gifts for infants include bumpy balls, rattles, mobiles, musical toys and stacking toys.

Mom and dad will really appreciate clothes for baby. Babies grow so fast and clothing is a big expense. Babies need LOTS of diapers, pants, shirts, onesies, and SOCKS! You can never go wrong with diapers and wipes.

Christmas gifts for infants

Make sure to get them plenty big, because babies grow out of their size of diapers in no time too. For newborns, I always start with size 2 because it’s not long before they are in that size and parents appreciate having a break in the diaper bill when they get there.

stack of diapers for baby Christmas gift

Baby Christmas presents

I like to buy a case or two of diapers and a case of wipes. I like Huggies wipes. Any new parent would appreciate getting some awesome Huggies wipes. Diapers and wipes are great gifts for infants. I don’t care at all about diaper brands, but with wipes, I am Huggies all the way!

Another great need for new parents is baby equipment. Did you have a favorite gadget or bag that you just adored for your child? I loved the baby swing. It helps entertain babies when your hands are full.

sweet baby sleeping in fuzzy blanket, baby christmas gifts

Highchairs or booster seats, car seats, strollers, pack n plays, nail clippers, ear thermometer, bouncy seats, play mats, diaper bags, burp rags, receiving blankets, and baby bathtubs all make wonderful gifts for infants that really help mom and dad.

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  1. Love the Bumpy Ball and the spin Rattle 🙂 those are so fun !! i have one of the rattles and it has lasted a long time.

    Love the diaper idea cant go wrong with diapers 🙂 Im with you only Huggies Wipes !!!!