Anyone can get mass produced junk from wally world, but one of a kind handmade gifts are special and you can support a small business in the process.

Give FABULOUS Handmade Gifts and Support Small Businesses

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Anyone can get mass-produced junk from wally world, but one-of-a-kind handmade gifts are special and you can support a small business in the process. For unique gift ideas for everyone on your list, check this out. 

hand forged wall hook and hand crocheted wash cloth with handmade soap

I appreciate any gift someone gives me. I appreciate people loving me and don’t really need gifts anyway. But there is something super special about receiving something that is one of a kind and unique.

Many handmade things can make great gifts. A book from a small author just getting started, a hand-painted piece of art, some fun children’s products that would make any little girl sing, or some yummy smelling soaps made from pure, natural ingredients are fun ideas for super personal and thoughtful gifts.

When I purchase something handmade from someone, I like to think about all the time and effort that went into making that item. Personally, I love making things for people, but my skill set is limited. There’s no way I can forge something like a blacksmith or crochet someone a hat. I love being able to find something unique that is from another skill set I don’t have such as sewing or woodworking.

When I make something unique as a gift for someone, I really think about that person as I’m spending time creating their gift. I know people who sell on Etsy, or Facebook or other online sites or even people who bring their wares to craft shows and venues make a special effort to make each of their handmade items top quality and unique.

Unique handmade gifts

I love trying to find gifts on Etsy first. There is so much beauty and talent represented there. I asked in a few Facebook groups and found out there is SO much more out there than just Etsy though. You won’t believe some of the awesome products I found.

Quality handcrafted gifts

Is there anything more amazing than high-quality body products? I have made some homemade salves that totally blow store-bought products away! You can get some great quality body products online as well. I can’t wait to order some of these things for the people on my shopping list!

natural beauty products that would make great unique gifts, lip balm, shampoo bars, eye cream, soap and anti agin serum
hand forged wall hook for a handmade gift

Do you have any animals in your life? I found pet supplies and even goat supplies online. Amazing!

There are great handmade gift products for your home and personal life available on the internet as well. I love looking through all of these amazing home, essential oil, books, baby products, and other supplies that I’m not sure I can live without. You’ll love what you get from these artisan makers.

hand crocheted washcloth and handmade soap wrapped for gifting as a small handmade gift idea
Luffas on the table and luffa in a basket and a pumpkin

Love goes into each and every product that is made for sale online. I hope you will consider buying local, buying homemade, and buying directly from the creators of as many gifts as you can this year! Even if you decide to purchase a product that’s not handmade, please consider buying local and buying from small business owners.

Small business owners of every kind are paying for dance lessons, their child’s school lunches, food for family, and those types of things rather than vacation homes and fancy cars. It makes a big difference to the person you choose to shop for gifts from when they are the little guy. Please consider shopping from some of these websites.

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