When your loofah wears out, is there anything you can use it for? Find out some things you can do with old loofahs.

What Can you do with Old Loofahs?

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When your loofah wears out, is there anything you can use it for? Find out some things you can do with old loofahs. Learning how to grow luffa sponges at home is easy and fun if you live in the right climate!

Luffa sponges on a table

If your loofah gets dirty, you can revive it by soaking it in vinegar. Just fill a glass or bowl with white vinegar and soak it for several hours. This will reduce germs that may be in it as well.

It may revive it enough for you to use it longer. Some people use bleach on theirs. I wouldn’t want that on my skin, so I would opt for vinegar. But if you want your loofah to look whiter, and you don’t mind bleach, you can do that too.

Best loofah

The best loofah to use is the one you have. But there are plenty of options for synthetic and natural loofah sponges. I love natural loofahs. They are good for many things and I love how they make my skin feel.

Did you know you can grow your own luffas at home? If you live in a warm climate, you can grow them on your fence in your yard with no special care. Check out how by clicking on the highlighted text above.

There are many uses for loofahs. It’s surprising how versatile they are. You can bathe with them, wash dishes and more. Check out these ways to use loofahs that are hard to believe.

Loofah soap

Loofah soap is wonderful and luxurious. It’s not hard to make either. It’s such a great gift and making your own soap lets you know exactly what’s in it. I love being able to customize soap just the way I like it. Check out how to make your own loofah soap here.

When your loofah is past its prime and no longer holding together, there are plenty of things you can still use it for.

You can line a basket with it and use it as a planter for air plants or even add a small amount of soil and add succulents. You can also put it in the bottom of a pot and use it to root plants with runners like spider plants by setting the roots in some soil in the loofah until they root.

old loofah on the counter

Another idea is to cut the loofah and roll it out flat and germinate seeds on it. Another option is to cut them up into small pieces and fill the bottom of a pot to help with drainage instead of using gravel.

If it’s dirty and stained, you can use your old loofah to clean the toilet or other dirty jobs. They are great for scrubbing the floor. The natural fibers scrub great but don’t scratch surfaces.

Can you recycle loofahs

Of course, if you don’t want to keep using it, natural loofahs are fully compostable.

You can use a loofah to make a back scrubber. They are perfect for that.

Cut a loofah into thin slices and dip it in melted soap or wax. Let it dry on waxed paper. Then punch a hole in one side of it and thread a ribbon or lace through the hole. Tie the ribbon into a hanger and use as an air freshener. You can also toss one in your drawer to freshen your laundry. Adding a drop of essential oil to the melted wax or soap will give you fun scent options.

old luffah on the counter

There are art projects you can use loofahs for. Check out some of them here. They are so interesting; they make a gorgeous display. Think about using that texture to paint a wall or a piece of art as well.

What about using a luffa half for a vase, just cut the luffa I half and stand it on its end. It will make a great holder for a flower or a few flowers.

Cut the loofah into strips and shape it into a basket like this one.  You can also cut and form loofah into a little doll. Think corn husk doll and use your imagination.

If you use some creativity, you can think of many things to do using loofahs. If you grow them, you’ll have a ton and you’ll need to think of more ways to use them than you ever thought possible. Get some seeds from Little Sprouts preschool garden that the kids harvested here from their own homegrown luffas.

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