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What is Gardening

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Gardening is the care of a plot of ground devoted to growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, or herbs. More important than what is gardening is why gardening is important to us.

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The principles are gardening are the same all over the world. It’s art. It’s science. It’s great exercise. It’s fun! It’s full of hope and promise. Gardening is witnessing miracles over and over again.

Plant cultivation involves entomology, botany, the study of life cycles, chemistry, physiology, and more. The artistry involved depends on styles and preferences. You can plant things in a naturalized way, or in a formal, organized way (such as in English and French gardens).

You can admire and enjoy gardens, or actively participate in cultivating them. But either way, everyone agrees that there is magic in the garden.

Why gardening is important

Gardening is important for clean air, aestethic beauty, environmentalism, stewarding resources, producing food, preventing invasive species from taking over, fitness, wellness, knowing what’s in your food, connecting with something bigger than yourself and so many other things.

The importance of gardening spans so many areas of life and so much of our future.

Gardening is important for the conservation of wildlife, it gives people vitamin D as they spend time in the sun, it helps control and prevent dementia, and is a great mood booster.

Here’s a link to a great vegetable garden planner you can print right out and use at home! So cute!

It helps with depression and anxiety. I know for myself, I struggled with depression and crippling anxiety my whole life, but once I began our preschool garden, I have not experienced depression at all. I do have some anxiety still to deal with but it’s far less than I had before beginning the garden.

Seratonin, oxygen, Vitamin D, and so much more is gained in the hours spent working in the garden.

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Bees and other pollinators, other bugs, and birds all benefit from the garden as well as little skinks and lizards, snakes, and other animals. Many of them enhance the garden as well in their symbiotic relationship.

Partnering in the community with your spouse, friend, kids, parents, neighbors or other people helps build a sense of belonging and community. It builds bonds that last a lifetime.

Working in the garden burns calories, reduces the risk of stroke, reduces the risks of heart disease, helps with weight control, and reduces the liklihood of osteoperosis.

Gardening helps us enjoy beauty, and gives life more meaning. In addition, we learn a ton of information from the garden. Kids can learn math, science, prereading skills, and so much more. But the garden continues to teach adults as well.

Gardening strengthens the immune system as well as the physical and mental health of those that participate with it in all the ways one can.

Growing your own food

Growing your own food is satisfying and a great way to be self-sufficient. But there are so many benefits of gardening at home beyond that.

Knowing where your food comes from and how it was grown is such and amazing gift to give yourself and your family. When we buy food at the grocery store, we have no idea what chemicals it may have been exposed to during planting, maintenance, harvesting, shipping, and even the grocery store.

When we grow the food in our own yard, we know what has or has not been sprayed or sprinkled on it. And we know how safe it is to eat. Did you know that food grown in china and mexico is fertilized with humanure? That is legal in many other countries that ship food to the United States, but not here.

So growing our own food has a lot more benefits than just freshness. Although, you’ll never get food from the store that’s minutes from picking, or even hours or only a few days really.

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What is gardening

Gardening is an art, a science, a wonderful activity. It brings people together. It gives health. It teaches us so many lessons about life. Gardening is the gift that keeps giving for days, weeks, months and years. It’s the best reason for summer.

And learning the art of growing your own food and passing that down to future generations is of paramount importance for the survival of the human race.

If we all depend on the grocery store, the art will be lost for common people. If our food systems fail, and it is likely they will in some way at some time as we witnessed this past year, who will feed us? I hope you will learn to garden and it will be you! Gardening is a gift!

Gardening is a true gift.

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