Zinnias are a must-have in the garden for many benefits. They are one of the few plants that tolerate extreme summer heat and drought in Oklahoma.

7 Reasons Zinnias are a Must-Have in Your Garden!

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Zinnias are a must-have in the garden for many benefits. They are one of the few plants that tolerate extreme summer heat and drought in Oklahoma. Zinnias are a powerhouse in the garden. 

Gorgeous zinnias you must-have in your garden with a monarch butterfly

I love a big colorful display in my garden. Color makes me happy. It makes the bugs and animals happy too.

I grow many varieties of zinnias, as many as I can get. I have the best luck with the super tall ones. Here are the reasons I LOVE these staple flowers for the garden.

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Zinnia sprouts

In my zone, we plant zinnias after April 15. All you have to do to plant them is sprinkle the seeds on the ground and throw a little soil over them. Pat it down lightly and water them in. It’s super easy to save seeds from the spent flowers for next year too.

Zinnia sprouts come up in just 7-10 days. It’s exciting to watch them grow. 

How to harvest zinnia seeds

Learning how to harvest zinnia seeds is not difficult. Just let the zinnia flowers dry completely and flake them into an envelope when they come out easily.

Remember when harvesting zinnia seeds, it’s the petals of the flower that are the seeds, not the deeper part of the flower head. For a long time, I was saving the wrong part. 

Do zinnias attract bees?

Pollinators love zinnias. They bloom from May through October most years here in the Oklahoma garden and are a great food source for pollinators. Zinnias attract tons of bees and butterflies that work hard in the garden making food for us. This helps our garden be super productive.

Zinnias are a must-have in the garden because they replant themselves year after year. When the seed heads fall, they regenerate on their own. This saves me money, which I love!

Zinnas are hardy in any weather conditions. They tolerate a light frost and extreme heat. I just don’t see a downside to them.

Zinnias are a must-have in the garden because they give a huge burst of color to the garden like nothing else. They are a real workhorse for the little effort it takes to care for them.

Zinnias tolerate drought

Zinnias are drought tolerant. Even when times are dry, they still put on a show for us.

Birds love zinnias. They attract bugs that are a food source for the birds. When the seed heads turn, the birds can eat the seeds as well.

They remind me of my cousin who has left a hole in my heart. He loved them. My aunt always grows them and he loved to cut them and use them as cut flowers, another great reason they are awesome.

I planted some in his honor after his passing and every time I look at them, it makes me feel a little closer to him.

Zinnias are a must-have in the garden because they make a gorgeous cut flower that last a while after cut unlike some flowers. I remember him posting bouquets of her flowers on Facebook. Such a sweet memory.


zinnias working hard in the garden

Zinnia varieties

They are wonderful. Here are some varieties I have and do grow.

Giants of California-A tall variety with super big blooms, multicolored.

Lilliput Mix-Different shades of pink-my favorite color.

Polar Bear Zinnia-A super big variety of white zinnia flowers.

Will Rogers-A bright orange variety gifted to me by my brother in law.

Peppermint Stick Zinnias-A super cute speckled variety in shades of reds, oranges, and pinks. This is one of my very favorites!

Pink Seniorita-Super adorable salmon-colored flowers.

Purple Prince-Striking deep purple heads. Lovely.

Any zinnia you chose will not disappoint! You will love the showy display they put on for you month after month! Get some seeds ordered today!

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Zinnias are a must-have in the garden for many benefits. They are one of the few plants that tolerate extreme summer heat and drought in Oklahoma.

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  1. I live in a Deer Disneyland. Every year I plant Zinnias in my beds and they are just beautiful. One bed has the. Shorter Zinnias, so that other plants in that bed, can shine too. The second bed has the taller variety, since they share a backdrop of Cold Hardy Banana plants. (Musa Basjoo). I live in Virginia. Its wonderful to be able to enjoy my beautiful flowers and the deer. No sense in trying to beat em, just work around them and enjoy life and nature!

    1. Zinnias are my favorite! We have deer every once in a while, but they don’t bother my zinnias. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. Live in Florida and for some reason I don’t have any luck getting them to come up from seed ,zone 9

    1. Hmmm, I plant them as soon as the danger of frost has passed and they are really easy to germinate here. I wonder if you’re planting them when it’s too warm or too cold or if you’re planting too deep. They only need a sprinkle of soil on top since they are thin seeds.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the flowers. I love Zinnias a lot. We used to plant a lot of them in our garden when I was still a child. Would be planting them in my garden once I got some seeds from my neighbour.